It's not bad luck or poor timing

One thing that comes with wanting to be with someone for the rest of your life is to accept that they are not perfect. They are going to do weird and stupid things that you don't like. But seeing these things as fun little quirks is to accept and love the person for who they really are. I have my stupid quirks too. One of the smaller ones is that Nick doesn't like when I put my hair up in a bun on the top of my head, lol. I almost always do that before going to sleep. I totally get that it's not exactly my best look, haha! But I don't do it to look good, just for comfort because I hate how the hair tickles my neck and makes it itch. And instead of complaining about it and making me feel bad, Nick embraces it by making little jokes because he realizes that it's just one of my quirks. Just like I do with his quirks. Sometimes it's so easy to get annoyed about bigger quirks that people have and bang your head against the wall until they change them. Lately I have learned to appreciate those differences. And that makes me feel so much happier and relaxed.
Being in a long distance relationshop sure has taught us a LOT. I mean, things that we would never have learned otherwise. I'm 100% sure about that. As hard as this may be, it still doesn't feel like bad luck or poor timing. It feels like we were meant to go through this. So many couples don't break up because they are too comfortable to want to change it. It's more convenient to stay together because breaking up means you'll have to deal with heart ache, maybe even a divorce, figuring out how to hang out with the same friends while being civil and start dating other people again. But me and Nick can't exactly say that we are together because it is convenient. The matter of fact is that a long distance relationship is as uncomfortable and annoying as any relationship can be. But during this time apart we have found out just how strong our bond is. We already made sacrifices for each other in San Jose by getting up 15-20 min early just so that we could get extra time to cuddle before work. But now sacrificing can mean to give up a whole evening of seeing friends so that we can hang out on the video chat instead. Or to stay up a couple of hours late and go to work exhausted the next day, because you just weren't ready to hang up the call just yet.
I wish I had a place like Effie's to go to on any day of the week. But I don't. My entertainment is to see a friend maybe one or two days our of the week. The rest of my time is spent alone or at work. It's not easy motivating yourself to do much then. Therefore my video calls with Nick means the world to me. That is what keeps me sane. It feels great though, to hear that everyone is asking Nick about me and wondering when I will be back. They are so sweet for caring about us and wanting us to be okay!

Here in Sweden the weather has been warm and dusty - a true sign of spring is when you get thirsty just by being outside! I love it. It's hard choosing what to dress the kids in though. Many parents haven't had the time to exchange their childrens winter clothes for spring clothes yet. One moment it's too hot to wear them and in the next moment you bundle everyone up in thick jackets and scarfs because it's so windy, rainy and cold. Some days I am so tired after talking to Nick late at night and I end up dreading going to work. But those days sometimes turn out better thanks to the kids. A bilingual boy started speaking Swedish to me for the first time. But he went back to his quiet old self with the other teachers. It was so wonderful seeing him light up when he realized that he and I could understand each other for the first time. And one child with major physical disabilities absolutely loved digging around in the sand box one day and laughed himself to sleep during nap time while I was sitting next to him. ‪That makes it all worth it.
Taking my little walk up to the church on my break... these horses are beautiful!
I decided to try and make french toast that my host mom always made. It didn't taste exactly the same but good enough! I think I know how to change the amount of the ingredients and choose a better bread next time, to get it just right :)
Oh Snickeroo <3
Mirror mirror ;)
Dark looking clouds above the preschool
I got caught in a big traffic jam on my way home from work one day. A drain pipe had apparently smoke coming out of it just down the street from where I live.

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