Life works its magic sometimes

Since I was sick during the night I stayed home from work the next day. I finally started watching "Shadowhunters" on Netflix. I have read all of the books except for the last one. This serie has gotten great reviews and I can only agree with them. It's SO good! I was done watching season 1 after three days. Can't wait for season 2. The only thing that sucks is that I wanted to show it to Nick, but it's apparently not released on the American Netflix :S it aired on American TV so I don't get it. Stuuupid.
I have also been watching "Au pairs in Los Angeles" which is a documentary about Finnish au pairs. I remember watching the season about London au pairs and wished I could become one some day. Now that I have been through it all it's amazing how much I recognize my own experiences in every episode. The ups and downs. The struggle of trying to get some kind of life going outside of work, taking care of children in a different culture, dealing with culture shocks and disagreements with your host parents. But also that exciting feeling of being on your own and daring to do things that you have dreamed of. It's an emotional rollercoaster. I am sometimes hit by an overwhelming joy when I watch this show, that my dreams are coming true and that I am in a good place right now. I don't miss being an au pair but I am grateful for where it lead me in life. I didn't go there in a search to find a man and get a green card. The thought of it was nice, but I have too much intergrity to marry someone that I don't love and who doesn't love me. Meeting Nick would never have happened if I didn't take the chance to at least go to the U.S. I don't know why but I have always had a feeling I would end up with an American. And Nick has always had a feeling he would end up with a Scandinavian. Isn't is funny how life works its magic sometimes?
I am enjoying my time at this new preschool, because I know I will soon spend two months at a place that I'm not very fond of. I love coming home from work every day without a head ache. It rained all last week and Thursday was pretty awful in the morning. The teachers had meetings so I stayed out with all of the kids for almost two hours. As the subteacher I was of course stuck out there since I didn't have a meeting to attend. The rain was pouring down so bad and when we were truly soaking wet I decided to hide under a tiny dry spot under the roof with some of the kids. Several had'd enough at that point and screamed their heads off. They had been so good though and played without complaining, but after 1½ hour even I felt like breaking down and begging the teachers to get to go inside. All I wanted was to go home and put my warm sweatpants on. I spent two days of my break in the car because I wanted to call Nick and couldn't do it in the staff room. I like some privacy during my break. Just to breathe, take a walk, get some fresh air, forget about work and boost my energy.
When kids want to draw with me I always make this sunset with palm trees and birds around it. I suck at drawing otherwise but I can always impress them with this. It was actually a subteacher that I had in first or second grade who drew this picture for all of us. I will never forget how impressed I was and now I'm doing the same thing at every preschool I'm at :)
My mood after waking up getting news about the car breaking down and me being sick.
Playing with fire ;)
We have given up on trying to look hot on IMO, we sometimes decide to show our true selves from a more honest angle ;) hahaha
Work work work
He put me in the washing machine xD never thought I'd say that sentence!
Going to work... back from work... it's all the same really :P
Outside in pouring rain for almost two hours. UGH!!!
Reesie bear
Nick took this AWESOME picture of him laying on the table while we were talking :D
Spending time with my little family

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