Caroline cooked chicken and then we partied!

I have had kind of an eventful weekend and also started working again. But let's make some time for another update on Nick's vacation in Sweden ;) After he had been here for one week it started getting tough, because we both thought that time was flying by way too fast. We were almost having too much fun playing hide and seek and having tickle fights, so we wanted to slow it down to make time drag by instead. Nick also relaxed a ton more about cleaning which was great. Don't get me wrong, I LOOOVE that this guy wants to keep things tidy and make the bed every day. I am lazier with that and don't always see the point with things looking perfect all of the time. I do other things that he dislikes instead, like folding laundry. But during these two weeks he just let all of that go and didn't care about creating a mess in my bedroom because we just wanted to chill and enjoy our time together. He even folded my clothes and put them in the closet one day, I didn't even have to ask him to do it!!

One of our favorite morning activities was to watch the old "Full House" episodes that they had just added to Netflix. A lot of the TV-shows that we watched as kids weren't the same. This is the only one that I think we have been able to bond this much over. We also realized that John Stamos was our age during the first season which kind of killed us xD it made us feel so old.

On this day we took a walk downtown to my favorite café called Öhrmans bakery. Nick was seriously blown away by the two Swedish pastries that we bought. My favorite is the chocolate one that is named after the bakery. Nick practically died and went to heaven when he tried that one. He also adored the princess cake which is our most popular cake here in Sweden! He noticed how they weren't even close to as sugary in America and once again he took a step further in understanding the world that I come from a little better :)

Afterwards we went to the grocery store to get ingredients that I told Nick that my dad needed. But I bought them secretely for the dinner that I was going to make for Nick ;) haha! I had him totally fooled! We ended up having lots of alone time at the house in the afternoon because my parents went to the gym. We just acted like big kids, running around, playing games and making lunch. I am glad that I am with someone who knows how to play even though he's all grown up ;)

We had invited Sofie over to go out with us in the evening. First she got to help me with the food though, Nick wasn't allowed in the kitchen. I actually made one with chicken which I have never cooked in my whole entire life. My dad got to cut it up for me of course ;) yuck! It was hella hard trying to figure out when the chicken was done, and I wish I had put it in a pan instead of a pot. But that's what it said in the recipe which I thought was weird, but hey what do I know about cooking ;) oh well, Nick's reaction could have been better, lol. He thought the flavor and pasta was fine, but it needed to be spicier and the chicken was apparently over done. He felt bad about his reaction afterwards when he realized that I had been planning to surprise him with a meal that has meat in it for months, and that I had dragged him to the grocery and made up a lie that my dad needed the ingredients and then cooked the food for like an hour. But I knew the food probably wouldn't me a smash hit already when I saw that the sauce wasn't a sauce, it was more like a soup. They didn't explain one of the steps in the recipe so I messed that up. But you know what, I cooked it with love and that's all that matters.

Me, Sofie and Nick played dice and card games before it was time to leave. We wanted to show Nick Blue Moon Bar since that is the only place in town that we feel is worth going to. So we were definitely surprised when we got there and saw that they had opened another area of the club. Instead of going into the biggest and funnest part where they have smoke machines, awesome lights and good music they now have an outdoor area to sit in and they only open the smaller rooms where there are no smoke machines or lights. The place was dead! This is the worst idea ever. It's such a shame because this club has been around for ages while all of the others have come and gone. I feel like this is going to ruin them.

Oh well, we quickly moved along to Publik instead. We haven't been there since they remodeled it. It's more of a place where 18 year olds parties so our hopes weren't high. But that turned out to be the best idea that we'd had all day! There were people there in our age and they had a beautiful terrass upstairs and dance floors downstairs. Nick noticed what I have been telling him, that Sweden's nightlife sucks if you're not out with a bunch of friends because everyone just sticks to their own crew. We got lucky though because one guy and his friends came up to us, because he noticed that Nick looked a lot different than a typical Swede. We ended up having a long and fun conversation about America :) Sofie had to leave earlier since she had work the next day but I was so happy that she and Nick got along so well, which I knew they would! Me and Nick stuck around for a little while longer but then left, ready to eat McDonald's and crash into bed. Nick was absolutely amazed by all of the hot people here. Blonde angels everywhere ;) The best thing was that they are so naturally beautiful he said, that they barely wear any make-up because they just don't need it. Him saying that made me feel weirdly proud over my country :P haha. And obviously I know that he thinks of me as his own blonde angel too, so he's set ;)

He fell asleep in my bed after eating, like he always does. So I went to wake him up so that he could walk to our big bed in the office. But he acted so strange and angrily told me "What!? What are we gonna do??" over and over, but even though I explained he refused to get up xD He came to bed at 5am saying "I am soo sorry", he didn't even remember yelling at me because he had been talking in his sleep xD hahaha, I kinda figured that was the case :P it was mostly just entertaining.

Skrapan - the tallest building in town. It's not THAT tall lol.

Öhrmans bakery
My man ofc had to ride down the escalator like this
Cooking away!
Look at these two loyal ones - waiting for me so patiently while I pee ;)
We had a blast!
Very tired but happy folks at Mcdonald's

French fries pizza and a romantic dinner

On our first Friday together in a long time we wanted to do something special. During the day my sister and her family came by to eat curry stew. We used to eat that a lot as kids so it was fun to have Nick try it. He loved it so much! The great thing about having him try food with meat in it is that he can recreate those meals for our own kids one day! We will give them both vegetarian and meat about half and half and be honest to our children about how the meat industry works, then they can make their own decisions about how to live their lives. But it's important to me to have a mix of both mine and Nick's favorite foods for our kids. And since I can't cook meat other than simple things like frying meat balls, it would be wonderful if he could cook it. He has really loved all of the things he was served in Sweden and wants the recipe for several of those dishes, which makes me very happy :)
We also ordered pizza for me and Johan since we don't eat curry stew, so we ordered a french fries/kebab pizza for Nick while we were at it! That is such a Swedish thing, almost every Swede loooves kebab meat. Nick liked the french fries on the pizza although he hated them the day after because they had gotten all soggy and gross which I can understand. I didn't think about that part, haha! We ordered pizza twice while he was in Sweden and he agrees that my favorite pizzeria in the world really is the best pizzeria in the world ;)
In the evening we got dressed up. I wore a dress that I had bought years ago and regretted buying. But now it actually looked good on me, go figure! We took a short walk down to Di Spagna. Me and my family have been there a billion times and love their food. We were darn full walking out of there. Right before leaving the restaurant Nick said "You're so pretty. I love your smile and how your eyes shine. If I saw you walking on the street then you would't just be any other blonde, there is more to you. There is something very uniquely beautiful about you." then he stood up and hit his head so hard on the lamp and yelled "alright let's go!!" xD hahaha! Weird ending to a romantic monent. I laughed so hard :P
But the best part of the evening came afterwards. I managed to convince him to take a longer walk home so that he could see my old high school and the old area of Västerås. He turned out to think it was totally worth it because that whole area is beautiful and you can definitely tell that it's old. It was the perfect ending to a romantic evening :)
We made a great breakfast with fried fresh potatoes. We didn't think they would ever be done because it took forever. But the result was great!
Simple family dinner
Kebab and french fries pizza
Curry stew, yum! Miss eating this.
Agnes is soo active now and has gotten real good at "crawling". Although it's more like she is pushing herself forward with her feet. And she is not having a good time :P lol. But she needs her exercise of course and to train those tiny muscles, so she got to lay down and do that for a few minutes. She protested loud and clear but it was very entertaining for the rest of us becuse she looked so darn cute!!
Nick decided to pour a glass of water all over me xD
Dinner time!
Delicious food!! Super Italian!
Taking a walk in old Västerås

Sit on a log and a tree house

We took one day off just to chill and do almost nothing. It was great to take a deep breath and just allow ourselves not to rush around to try and see every part of Sweden before Nick had to leave. Plus, it was raining anyways. The only time we went outside was during the sunset. We bought some things at the grocery store and Systembolaget (Nick's nick name for it became "sit on a log" because that is how he thinks it sounds, haha!). I craved a slushie so we got one each and he loooved it since they are not close to as sugary as in America. I wanted to take this opportunity to show a bit more of the downtown area. Especially the Vasa park and Västerås castle.
It was all very well until we got chased by a bee again. Nick was chased by a bunch of bees as a kid and got stung badly so he absolutely hates them of course. I am not very fond of having bees all up in my face either so we left. Just sorry that we never came back to take pictures in front of the castle and to take a walk around it. This year the city planted a bunch of beautiful summer flowers in front of it so it looks like a perfect meadow, but I didn't get the chance to take pictures of that either. We'll come back some other time instead :) At least I got to show him the tree house that we have in the park. You can rent it to live there. We also have a house like that out on the water that you can rent. There is a dock that you can sit on to catch some sun and then stairs down to the living area. I don't know how big it is but it must be pretty cool.
Spending our day like this was perfect. In the evening we ate yummy food, had some drinks and played dice games and card games. Nick said "These are my favorite moments, just sitting like this with you".
The best sort of mornings
Silly head
Spaghetti alfredy and potato gratin with green onions was my lunch
Very fancy and dressed up for a summer evening walk :)
The Gustav Vasa statue, he was Sweden's king in the 15th century
Tree house
Face swap... so wrong in every way