How I spend a vacation that is not a vacation

Much of this past week has been spent catching up on Swedish TV-shows that I have missed! I also went to an information meeting about my new job and I am now waiting for an e-mail from them. As soon as I am registered in their system I can open my schedule and show them that I am available as a subteacher. Although I can't technically do that until Friday since I need to do my presentation in school first.

Trying to look at this free time as vacation but I don't have much to entertain myself with. One day I went to the cinema all by myself. On an afternoon week day. The movie was supposed to be funny but I thought it was mostly depressing :S didn't see what was worth laughing about. What a bummer, I was looking forward to getting cheered up xD All of this "sitting around, eating and doing nothing" is making me gain weight of course. I would have loved to hit the gym but don't have the money for a gym card yet. When I told Nick he just smiled and said he'd figured I would gain weight considering how much I have missed Swedish food, hahaha!
I have been planning some stuff for our wedding, although I am not taking it too far since me and Nick are going to do this together when I am back in San Jose. But that is for the big cermony in a few years. Right now I have to make sure we have everything for the court wedding, like weddings rings, a dress for me, the fee that needs to be payed, figure out who will be the witness/photographer etc. For the big ceremony we already have almost everything planned. It's just details like finding everything we want that needs to be taken care of. But we have a ton of time for that. It recently hit me that we need to get the rings engraved soon as well! At the same time I thought of the best sentence ever for us to write in our rings. It's something personal and sweet that Nick said to me one day and it describes us so well! What it is you'll see when the day comes :) for now, it can be mine and Nick's little secret.
Winter wonderland :) I finally got to see it snowing outside! I love how beautiful it looks when it's falling slowly from the sky and lands in big piles of white fluffiness. Although this snow melted away just a few hours later. Hmpf,
One thing I have missed - McDonald's donuts :P they don't have those in America!!
Nick couldn't believe it when I said this was ice cream :P I looove Viennetta!
Even though Christmas is over and almost everyone's Christmas trees are gone most Swedish families keep their lights up until February/March since it lights up the dark
Took one of Nick's sweaters with me :) I don't know how many times I have worn this on late, cold nights when we are having a blast with our friends and are not even close to sending them home, haha ;)
When you're lonely you tend to watch nostalgic stuff... Winnie the Pooh, The little mermaid and Mumin have so far been my go to series :)
One night I went to bed in the tank top that Nick bought for me and sprayed his sweater in his body spray (that I brought with me too). You do what you gotta do to get a good night's of sleep xD haha
Mr Chef ;)
I have missed this cuddly and soft blanket that was waiting for me when I came back to Sweden. It keeps me warm on colder winter nights.

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