I got the job!

Today and yesterday have been such great days. For once I actually feel fine for several different reasons. It seems like we've finally found a better alternative to Skype. We were hoping that Skype would be our number one form of communication, except for Facebook, but it has proven to be such a hazzle. Since my web cam on the big computer screen isn't working I have to disconnect my laptop from it and use that web cam instead. So we can't just spontaneously call one another. Since we end up getting stuck talking for a while Nick wants to eat food and take a shower first so then I'll sit there and wait. Once we have gotten Skype going about 50% of the times the connection sucks! We can hardly hear or see each other and keep getting cut off. It sucks, big time! Then Nick's data ran out so his dad was nice and got them a lot more. He said "You gotta have your Skype little bee!" haha :D that's his nick name for all of us "little bees" ;) But last night it still wouldn't work properly. So we installed an app called imo where you are able to chat and use the web cam on your phone to talk and thank God it seems to working much better. The connection is still a bit messed up but at least I can walk around with my phone as much as Nick can now. So spontaneous phone calls can finally happen!
It's small things like that which makes a world of difference. It's important to be considerate to one another about things you normally wouldn't give a second thought. Me and Nick recently promised each other that I would stop writing "...." after sentences and he would stop writing "OK". I hate how short "OK" is. It looks like the person doesn't actually feel like talking to me and I am guessing Nick has the same sort of feelings about me writing several dots in a row ;) haha! It might seem silly but the last thing we need right now is miscommunication.
I just came home from a quick walk downtown. I went to the place where I had my job interview a week ago to give them an extract from my criminal record and the lady immediately told me that they wanted to offer me a job! Phew! What a relief. I knew they really need more sub-teachers but I didn't want to get my hopes up. And I definitely didn't think they would give me the job today. So tomorrow I will go to an information meeting about how to fill in my available hours on the web site etc. and then just wait for a pre school/school to text me! :D
Went to IKEA to meet up with Petronella's dad who works there. Her boyfriend is coming to vist her soon and he's going to bring something to Nick from me on Valentine's Day so I gave the present to her dad. I could totally have driven the car there but I am still too scared xD mostly just to get in and out of our garage which is so tricky to drive in. So I actually took the bus instead, haha!
The church is so pretty at night
Had Sofie over for dinner on Saturday :) we had a lot of fun watching my videos from America
Trying to connect to Skype, ugh
On Sunday me and Sofie went out to Piazza Di Spagna to eat :)
Now that I wake up I can immediately talk to Nick through imo and send wonderful pictures like these haha
Mr Frosty is back...

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