Last night alone

Here I am, spending my last night alone in this house. Tomorrow my parents are coming back after being out of the country for 2½ weeks. I never write about when they are away because I sure as hell don't want people to know I am alone in the house xD But it has been great to get this time to let all of these changes sink in. But it has also been very quiet so a part of me is looking forward to hearing some other voices again. I just found out that Nick has gotten both of the letters from Sweden that he needs for the visa application. Woho! So all we need now is a letter from his boss and then he can make copies and send it all in. I have been away for three weeks so it's about time we get this done!
If there is one thing we have learned it's that in a long distance relationship it's easy to feel restless, moody and stressed out because you are constantly trying to find a balance of having enough communication to get you through the day. Sometimes one person doesn't need that as much as the other one. So it is always about adjusting and being considerate to one another. It sure is hard work and we're not perfect. Yet we are getting a great amount of life lessons and keep falling more in love for every challenge we face. No relationship is perfect but it's up to you if you're going embrace the challenges and face them together, or if you're going to face them seperately and risk to lose one another on the way. The other night I had a dream that I lost one of my teeth and Nick told me he had read in a dream book that it means that I am under a lot of stress. We both laughed and said "Yep, that sounds about right!" :P But we are doing our best and I know we'll be fine :)
Saturday was fun though. My aunt came by during the day to hang out and make home made pizza. In the evening Lisa was supposed to come over for dinner but she unfortunately got sick. So I talked to Sofie and apparently her dinner guests had cancelled as well. What a wonderful coinsidence ;) haha! So I invited her over and we had a blast dancing in my house until 3 am!

Not worth much in dollars but priceless in my heart
Nick is in better shape than ever! I didn't think he could lose more weight at this point but apparently he could :P
My aunt Ingegerd preparing our yummy pizza
Time to unpack this bandana that Nick bought at the Pride festival :D
Decided to go curly for a day...

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