We just sent in our visa papers!!

Woke up today with a bad cough and a head ache. Don't feel good at all. Those little ones at the preschool/kindergarten have managed to get me sick. So I am staying at home today, which I can't complain about because it snowed a lot during the night and I wasn't excited about driving. For some reason my shoulder has been hurting for days too. It does that sometimes but never this long, probably slept on it wrong. Nick got me in a great mood when he called me on the video chat this morning! He had just gotten home from work and told me he had been to the post office during the afternoon and gotten our visa papers sent to the USCIS!! What an incredible weight lifted off our shoulders. We'e just going to enjoy this for a while before learning about the green card process. We have earned a break! Today it has actually been one month since I left but it took some time to get documents from the tax agency, send them to San Jose, get a letter from Nick's boss, copy it all etc. We finally made it!!!
My second and third day at kindergarten was so much better than the first one. Obviously I had gotten to know the kids and the routine so I truly enjoyed it. On the first day I was a bit worried that I had changed so much as a person that working at kindergarten didn't really fit me anymore. But I was wrong! I love it when you get to know the kids so well that they allow you to comfort them when they are sad and randomly just come walking up to sit on your lap. They're so sweet! As a subteacher I have a lot more responsibilities, thank heavens that I know what I am doing xD Although sometimes I feel like an alien speaking Swedish to the kids. Several times per day I stop myself thinking "Oh oupps, why am I speaking Swedish to them? They won't understand me, I have to switch to English" haha!!
Sofie was super sweet and invited me to see a movie at the cinema one night when we were both exhausted after work. We had never heard of Deadpool before so it wasn't until Nick told me that I realized that this guy has been around for a long time. But anyways, the movie was hilarious! And I mean brilliant. We laughed so hard and I will for sure buy it on DVD one day.
Hazelnut chocolate
Sleepy head
Don't our visa photos look awesome together? ;)
At this kindergarten we have to do the dishes ourselves so I had to learn the dishwasher. It washes everything in 2 minutes. Normally you need to take a class to even get to be in the same room as this thing, which is ridiculous considering how easy it is. And when you are understaffed and out on the country side, you do what you gotta do.
Lol the boys played hairdresser with me, so sweet

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