What friends are for

The second month of being in Sweden feels a lot easier than the first one. The days fly by faster for sure. Although being sick did not help. Just laying in bed feeling exhausted and miserable while having to cancel all of my weekend plans sucked more than anything. Because I knew Nick was out and about having fun and I was so jealous. Not "omg he's gonna cheat on me" jealous but "he gets to hang out with our friends, and I don't get to do that" jealous xD The weekends really are the worst no matter if I am sick or not. It's just harder to make plans with people here. Sofie is the only one who I can be spontaneous with, but now she works on weekends so that makes it harder. I'm going to stay home this Saturday and Sunday as well since I am not totally recovered and need to rest before going back to work. The good thing about this is that I know our friends are looking after Nick and making sure that he is doing alright without me there :) and that makes me happy. I know that both Tyler and Noah have been keeping my side of the bed warm a couple of times. What more can you ask from a friend?? ;) haha!
Sofie was the best when I was sick. She asked me if I needed anything and I told her I was alright. And yet two hours later she dropped off a big bag full of everything you need when you're sick. Plus a "Get well Caroline" ballon and pretty tulips!! That was so sweet! The next day I tried the recipe for lemon, honey and ginger tee that she had given me and it helped sooth my throat for a while. Although I kind of freaked out that same night because my lungs all of a sudden started hurting so I was worried that I was getting the pneumonia again. Luckily it went away.
Nick has finally gotten my Valentine's Day present! :) I sent him a card and a heart. Petronella's boyfriend brought it with him to California when he went there to see Petronella. So they dropped it off at Nick's house and picked up his present to me. I haven't gotten it yet since I am sick. But I will arrange to meet up with either Petronella's family or boyfriend soon so I can get my present! :) Can't wait! I have already a gotten such a sweet poem from Nicky.
Lol when the guys send me things like this...
Noah keeping my side of the bed warm ;) how sweet of him, haha
I drank so much hot chocolate this week that my stomach hurt. But my throat felt a ton better so...
I used my Gryffindor scarf from Harry Potter world more than ever :P
I feel like this picture describes my mood all week...
Best present from Sofie!
Took this picture of my present to Nick before I sent it :)
I love Nick's beard xD just had to say it
Erkers Marie Persson is one of my favorite Swedish artists. She has a big collection of her paintings on trays and different things that you can buy on her web site. I am going to buy a bunch of these so that we can have a piece of Sweden on our table whenever we have guests coming over :) I just think it's really important to have these things to make my culture stand out in our home but also so that our kids one day can see what it's all about.

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