She gets it

Yesterday I had the best time meeting up with my old friend Jasmine! We started hanging out in 6th grade and used to dance together. We have hardly seen each other since high school because she got married to an American guy and moved to the States. Now she is back in Sweden and together with a French guy who seems very sweet, I couldn't be happier for her! I was thrilled when she wrote to me and asked to meet up. I hadn't even thought about doing that because I didn't know she was back in town. Our other friend Anna is planning on moving back too. It finally feels like we are alla reuniting again. It's the perfect timing now that I am back in Sweden termporarily and really need to be surrounded by friends.
Talking to Jasmine was great and two hours flew by so fast. We were surprised when the waitress all of a sudden said that the café was closing, haha. Jasmine understands the American life and gets what I mean when I tell her I am really bored because in America there is always something to do. We love our hometown but we have grown up doing everything we can do here and it just doesn't appeal to us anymore. We want to travel and live life to the fullest and that isn't possible in this city. She understands how hard it is to have a long distance relationship since she is in one right now. She gets how tiring it is for me who has no reason at the moment to go to bed at a certain hour, so I sit up staring at Nick's name on Facebook "Is he online now?". "How about now?", "If I stay up another hour it'll be this time in San Jose.", "He's probably having lunch now so maybe he'll log on after that". I drive myself nuts with it. But it's not like I have anything to do anyways and he's the center of my universe. These days he literally is. (Trying not to sound like a crazy stalker here, hahaha :P)
Me and Jasmine are definitely going to meet up again because she's got so much advice to give about American insurances etc. And we both miss going out with our friends. The clubs here are boring so we want to check out the bars and see if they are even close to as fun as the American ones. It's not about getting drunk and reckless, it's more of a social thing in America. When me and Nick go to Effie's it's like seeing our family. I miss my life in San Jose like crazy but this is an okay way of staying busy for now.
Nick has more things to stay busy with but it's not easy for him either. On Tuesday he had woken up and started talking. It was something that he wanted to tell me about his grandma that he just came to think of. When he didn't get a reply he looked up and said "Baby?" and saw an empty bed. Long distance relationships suck!
I had such a great time talking to Jasmine that I forgot to take pictures. Instead you can take a look at the difference of this snowman... this was January 23.
January 27!

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