Almost getting kicked in the head by a parachuter

Me, Sofie and Jasmine spent time together on one Sunday night. They have really been my two rocks through some rough times this spring. It does a lot to just hang out and talk to people who you have known for years. You don't need to explain every little thing about your personality or your whole life story for them to get you, because they have been there for most of it.
On June 6th we celebrated the national day of Sweden! When I was a child we always had to ride our bikes to the Djäkne mountain downtown which took a good long while. Then watched a speech held by a boring old man, someone waved a flag and then we all rode our bikes back to school. But since 2005 it's been a holiday so we are all off school and work. That means a reason to celebrate! So now there are thousands of people who gather all over Sweden to see performances and have picnics. It's not like in America where you throw a BBQ and watch fireworks ;) Nick was in Monterey with some friends and I really wished I could be there. But tried to make the best of my day anyways and it was actually great! Me and Sofie went to Djäkne mountain, saw some Thai dancers and enjoyed the atmosphere. Sweden are very good at welcoming new cultures and immigrants on this day every year and celebrate those who have become new citizens. We had a math exam coming up so we sat there studying while looking over the view of Västerås. Our studying went well according to us (until we realized later that day that the exam would be much harder than we thought).

They ended the celebration with two guys coming down from the sky with the Swedish flag attached to their parachutes. But it was so windy and the landing area was so small. Sofie had never seen parachuters before but I told her that this didn't look good. And boy oh boy... the first guy flew right into the tres and excaped the flag poles by inches and landed right by us in the crowd! Luckily he managed to not land on the family who sat right next to us, but I'm sure his heart was racing when he realized that it would all go very wrong! The other guy must have gotten nervous when he saw his buddies attempt to not kill someonoe xD I sure would have been! So he tried to take it easier and managed to hover above us for a while so that he could make a controlled landing. Just when I thought he would be okay the wind grabbed ahold of him so hard that he flew down to the ground hella hard. He managed to go down to the landing area but it definitely wasn't a soft landing. Must have hurt his feet! We were so impressed by these guys though and how they actually saved everyone from getting kicked in the head!

My girls!
Let's celebrate Sweden!
Monks!! Cool :D
Math math math.. we actually felt very smart...
Oh boy here they come...
Carrot cake in the park!
Someone got to enjoy beautiful Monterey... I have never been there but everyone tells me I have to. Me and Nick want to get married either there or in Carmel. And after seeing these pictures I am sure you guys understand why!

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