Caught in the rain

Damn I haven't blogged in a month and a half. Just haven't been in the mood I suppose. But I want to catch up on all of my updates before Nick gets here. My goal is to update my blog a little bit more frequently when he is here so you guys can see what we are up to :D
The beginning of June was very nice with summer weather most of the time. The kids brought back memories for me about playing outside with the sun in their eyes and wind in their hair. They picked flowers and just looked so happy. We rehearsed summer songs for their upcoming summer performance for their parents. One kid suggested that we would sing "Hej Tomtegubbar!" which is a Swedish Christmas song, haha! They are so sweet and I hated the thought of leaving them soon because my two months were almost over. They are such sweethearts who kept giving me hugs and wanted to cuddle. We took out the sprinkler on the grass when it was way too hot one day. The kids ran through it over and over again in the underwear and we all thought it was a blast. One teacher said "That's it, I'm done watching them, I'm jumping in too!" and jumped through the water with all of her clothes on. I decided to do the same thing and the kids loved us for it! :D It's always fun to be a big kid!
The next day the hot weather kept on torturing us. But in the afternoon some very dark clouds crept in so we stayed inside. Right in the moment when I was about to go home, the rain poured down SO hard!! That's Sweden for ya! :D I had forgotten just how much it can rain here in just a few minutes and then it stops just as suddenly. It's what keeps our nature so green but it sure doesn't help you make plans for the day! Me and some kids who had just been picked up by their mom ran through the rain to the parking lot as fast as we could. I wore my winter jacket that had been hanging there for weeks. But I was still soaked and had puddles of water in my shoes when I got to my car a minute later, haha! I love these times. They remind me that I'm alive! :D

Sleepy girl
Jury duty dude!
Outfit of the day. The kids were questioning those giant sunglasses all day long ;)
Friday break in staff room

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