Making our home a little bit more Swedish

I am so happy and grateful that Nick is so openminded about having many of my Swedish things in our future home. He is always so positive when I show him things that means a lot to me. I have a ton of stuff that I would love to have in our house one day, both as decoration and to use, and he never says one bad word about it. He is just grateful that we have more things to fill our home with to make it look as nice as we want it to. We will spend so many years just saving up money and living in his family's house, that ones we get our own we don't want it to look boring and empty. We want to make it OURS and start our life together in a nice house with a warm feeling and a vibe of who lives there and what kind of people we are.
Lately I have gotten even more things from my parents that I thought were long gone. I got a picture frame that I have had since my first birthday. You can change the picture from month to month. It's beautiful and I think I got it from my grandma. Can't believe we still have it! I want it to hang in mine and Nick's house one day as a reminder of the seasons changing in Sweden!
Speaking of things for our home. The bed sheets that Nick and his dad ordered for us arrived! They look great. They are red and purple which are two important colors for us for reasons that I won't tell ya... just yet :) you'll find out some day! He chose them for us so it was a great surprise!
In June I saw Petronella who had come home from the US a few weeks ago. We just hung out at my place and then had pizza downtown while listening to the thunder.
Looking forward to changing this picture every month :) it says "January" in Swedish to the bottom left
Lol, look at these little ones... my sister's hair was blonde up until she was five and it turned dark!
We used to have this poem sitting on the wall when I was a kid. I think my grandmother might have sewed this. It's written in old Swedish. "Little, little words of love said every day, spread over the home, sunshine and grace".
Skype quality rocks! No blurriness...
Nick loved this picture :)
 The bed sheets!! We will replace the purple pillow covers eventually, the ones he ordered were too big :)
Haha too cute!
Nick sent me more photos from Monterey and I love this drink with Swedish fish in it ;)
Cool statue!
Petronella came by

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