Every day stressful things

I had a pretty stressful couple of days after coming home from Umeå. Let's just say I wasn't motivated about getting out of bed and work on Monday ;) cuddling with a baby all weekend takes a surprising toll on you, haha! I had such a bad day at work because I had to be in the worst part of the preschool. Too much weird and bad stuff happened for me to even bring up. But to tell you one of the things - a teacher got undressed and stood in just her underwear in front of the kids while changing her clothes! :O what the... what teacher does that?? I thought we were supposed to be professional and not get undressed in front of other people's kids?? Ugh, such a weird day.
Then just as we were about to buy Nick's flight tickets, the price went up so high! From just costing 1000 dollars, they cost 1500. Damn it. So we simply had to patiently wait and see if it would get any better. You just never know about flights. The prices change so rapidly every day and it's either a great change or a horrible one. If Nick's boss hadn't made us wait for his vacation days for so long we could have bought those tickets a long time ago, and for a much better price.
Those three weeks when Nick had jury duty were tough. We hardly got to see each other at all. I was lucky if he had time to Skype for a few minutes on his lunch break, but that was it. We stayed strong about it for a while, but by the last week we were so over it. His weeks were filled with jury duty so on the weekends he saw his friends, while my schedule remained the same. Not seeing each other almost at all sucked. So glad that's over!
So on Wednesday I got the perfect break from it all :) I worked with the little 1-2 year old most of the day and then was done at 1:45 pm thanks to the fact that I had some overtime. It was a lovely summer's day with lots of opportunities to play with the kids and not think about stressful things. After work I went to Lillåudden with Sofie, a beautiful "half island", drank slush and then decided to watch a movie at the cinema. I had told her about how amazing "The Jungle Book" was so she wanted to see it. And I sure didn't mind seeing it again :)
Spent Monday morning in the forest with the kids
All dressed up and handsome for jury duty :)
On one of his lunch breaks
Missed this dude a lot...
Team work!
Taking a break at work
Hanging out with Sofie
Such a great movie!
We all of a sudden saw these cool carvings in a wall that we have walked by a billion times. How did we not notice these before?? I wonder if they are real and very old or just something that the city has put there as decoration.

Last day in Umeå and a romantic Nick ;)

The next morning I got to enjoy another perfect hotel breakfast. I loved every moment in that restaurant. I took some more pictures so you guys can see what it looked like. I packed my bag, checked out and my dad picked me up to take me to my sister again. It was my sister's first Mother's day. We knew that Johan was just as tired has her, so we knew they probably hadn't planned anything special. So we stopped at a grocery store to get a small cake and flowers :)
Johan's family was supposed to be there again today so we would share our time. It has to be fair ya know ;) But they ended up deciding to go home that same day that my parents went home. They all had a long drive ahead of them after all. So I got six hours by myself with my sister's family. Which was probably for the best anyways. I had two very tired parents on my hands :P haha! Agnes had kept them up non-stop that night and after having guests over for the last three days, they were exhausted. Johan took some time to study and my sister took a shower, while I took care of a very cranky and fussy little baby ;) But the fun part was that she was awake and a lot more active so I got to see her gorgeous dark eyes. And oh boy, did I get funny pictures of all of her face expressions or what. They said the plan was to come down to Västerås in 2-6 weeks depending on when they have their last check-up with the doctor. That was a lot sooner than they had planned to come to to Västerås so it was great :) because I can't wait to see them again!
My parents left Umeå with the car at 11am. I left at 3:30pm and took a cab to the airport. And I still managed to get home 40 minutes earlier than them :P haha! I was absolutely exhausted on the trip back. I fell asleep both on the airplane and the bus even though I had promised myself to stay awake since I had work the next day.
I just had time to take a shower and Skype with Nick before I had to be in bed that night. He actually surprised me with something very, very sweet! When I was in Umeå we had been talking about how it's going to be nice to start a new chapter in our lives when we get a place of our own. How we want to buy a new bed and bed sheets first thing after getting a house. Because the bedroom is the most private and personal part of a home. We want it to be totally ours without it reminding us about the past. But when I Skyped with Nick he all of a sudden that he and his dad had ordered completely new bed sheets for us! I definitely didn't expect that so I thought it was so romantic and sweet that he had decided to do that. He said that just because we can't afford a new bed right now, there is no reason for us to have to sleep on some old bed sheets :) The new ones were purple and red, our favorite colors. And we also have our big blue heated blanket that his dad gave us last winter for those cold winter nights. It feels GREAT for that to be all done and ready for when I come back :) I actually went speechless when he told me about it.
I found this funny little feature at the hotel :P you press on the app what kind of juice that you want and then it pours exactly the amount that is perfect for your glass!
So good!
You can find everything you'd want on your sandwhich right here...
The only thing I didn't enjoy was the scrambled eggs because they were too runny
Bye hotel!
Me and dad in the elevator about to congratulate my sister on her first Mother's day :)
I have edited a bunch of pictures this way. I think they look so beautiful and it will be hard to decide what to frame ;) haha. Agnes had just fallen asleep when I arrived, but it didn't take long until the little monster got cranky again ;)
Best. Picture. Ever. PEACE!
Her toes are smaller than my thumb!!
Hii :) she finally made eye contact with me!
The new family!
Half asleep at the airport
Home again with bubba bear who had just bought us some new bed sheets <3 they would arrive in a few days!

Meeting baby Agnes for the first time!! <3

I loved the hotel I was staying at in Umeå. I felt so pampered eating a wonderful hotel breakfast while listening to some music. Normally I would feel lonely being in a place like that by myself but I actually felt fine. But the best would of course have been to experience it with Nick. The weather was lovely compared to Västerås which was surprising to me. It was way too hot to wear my jacket.
After breakfast my dad picked me up and dropped me off at Josefine and Johan's apartment. My parents had already spent two days with them so now it was my turn. Johan went out to spend time with his family so me and Josefine got four hours to ourselves which was great :) I walked into the living room where my sister was sitting with Agnes in her arms - and of my gosh! Agnes is soo tiny compared to the pictures. She looks like a little chunker but in reality she is so small. Those cheeks though <3 And her smooth baby skin, gosh, I just love her. For some reason I kept calling her Alice! It's just because I have been working so much with kids named Alice that I just kept saying it. Since she was very calm I got to hold her almost the whole entire time. She got her presents which her parents loved, Agnes herself didn't say much ;) lol
I almost immediately called Nick on imo. He had literally just gotten home from work so he was pretty distracted. I just showed my face when I asked if he'd like to meet someone. He said "Sure!". As soon as I showed him baby Agnes his face was pressed up against the phone and with a big smile on his face he said "OH MY GOOOOD! SHE IS SO CUUUUTE! Wow that is so cool! I'm getting a baby fever!" hahaha :D He can't wait to see her and hold her in August :) Josefine got some time to freshen up and do laundry. She got dressed so that we could take some nice pictures of her and the baby. As you know, photography is one of my favorite things in the world. So having the most adorable baby on the planetin front of me took a toll on my poor cell phone and camera xD haha! I came home with 600 pictures of this kid after the weekend!!
It was fun getting to see their apartment for the first time. They have lived there for several years but I never came up to visit because I didn't think Umeå was this nice xD But their place is beautiful! Nick and my American friends would be VERY surprised seeing what a nice place you can get here in Sweden for only 600 dollars per month. Yet I still want to live in California, because that is where I feel at home. My heart will always be devided between Sweden and California though. Me and my sister got plenty of sister chat time and to just hang out which I don't think we have done since she came to see me in America last July.
In the afternoon it was Johan's family's turn to see the baby. So my parents picked me up and we went to a bakery to have some treats. I had one of my favorite's - the frog cake! There was an event going on in the city so there was a lot of people out and about. We rested in our hotels for an hour and then met up again to take a walk next to the giant Ume-river. It's crazy beautiful there and my dream to drive all the way up to the Northern parts of Sweden became stronger. I have wanted to do that for years. The mountains, rivers and forests are calling my name. Me and Nick are so doing that on one of our vacations in Sweden. We walked to the cinema to see "The Jungle Book". That movie was AMAZING!! It was so good that I could cry. It was a blast seeing those old characters come to life, but with the creator's own little twist. Movies like these always makes me wish that people would watch it and actively do something to help the animals in real life. But instead most people just love the movie in the moment, feel sympathatic about the animals, and then do nothing about it.
I bought a pizza and brought it to my hotel room for dinner because I came back pretty early. My parents stayed in a different hotel so I was alone. I thought about going up to the bar for a drink and just to try and enjoy my Saturday night. But I knew I would have no one to talk to. Some people had a pre-party in the room next to mine which didn't make me feel less lonely. I used to be such a lone wolf, but these days I crave having people around me more than ever because I am so used to it after living with Nick. People come and go at his house all of the time. I still fell asleep very happy with my day :) couldn't wait to go back to see my sister's family again the next day! I got a billion funny and cute pictures, here are just some of them!
Hotel breakfast, yum!
Gosh <3 happiness!!
Someone totally fell in love with this little cutie ;)
Best sleeping style ever
While the baby is asleep ;) haha! Entertaining ourselves!
Got very nice pictures of my sister and her baby :) I love the wallpaper, it created such a perfect background!
How can yawning possibly be this adorable ;)
This summer she'll be big enough to wear my "best aunt in the world" body ;)
The Ume-river
The hotel my parents were staying at. It was pretty damn cool!
Movie time