Creative surprise and a tire swing

It's when me and Nick do more exciting and fun things that missing each other gets harder. Bbecause we would love to experience those times with each other. It's not thjat we can't enjoy it on our own, but it would be so much more fun and relaxing to do it together. I guess that's the biggest thing about it, that wen't relax. In the back of our minds we are tensing up by always thinking about each other and wishing we were both there. Nick has a lot of friends who are couples which I know upsets him easily. I dont have lots of friends who are in relationships so that part is easier on me. I'm grateful about that, because it's hard enough not having a lot of friends like Nick does, so if they were all in relationships and acting all cute and cuddly next to me I'd go nuts. Nick was so busy one weekend hanging out with people and also going to Santa Cruz so we barely talked at all. Although I know he missed me of course, especially at the end of the weekend when it all just hit him. I missed him so much but I tried distracting myself by doing creative things. like a music video for one of his songs! Me and Sofie have been wanting to do this for a while. We ended up having a fun time out on the country side acting like idiots in the forest. We laughed so hard when things didn't work out as planned. It helps a lot to have friends like her around :) The end result turned out great though and we are very happy with it! And Nick sure was happily surprised! He definitely hadn't expeceted me to do something like this ;)
Gosh, me and my long blog updates. I talk fast and write fast and a lot of it's because I'm a fast thinker. So whenever I write notes for my blog my writing looks horrible because I need to get the words out before they disappear. Then I feel like something is lost and I hate waiting for it to come back to me again. That is why blogging is good for me because I can write everything as a big mess,, then structure it and make it neater. My friends sometimes goes nuts on me for the long messages I write to them, lol. I am working on it. With Nick I have gotten a billion times better at sendind him shorter messages because let's face it - I'm gonna marry the dude and shouldn't scare him away too early :P lol
On of the high lights of this particular week was at the moment of one of my work shifts. I had such a stressful afternoon, felt agitated and couldn't wait to get the hell out of there. That was when one of the 4 year old boys asked me to sit on the tire swing with him. I usually don't do that, mostly just play in the sand box. But I sat down and he stood up behind me making the swing go higher and higher while we laughed so hard. When he got off another 4 year old boy took his place. He went so high up that when we reached the top I was literally staring down on the ground almost falling off. We laughed and laughed. It was wonderful because this is a kid that always gets yelled at for being up to no good. I needed more happier memories with him and this was the start of it. After this moment we had a more positive relationship, despite him being mischievous ;)
Time for the music video!
Lol trying to make stuff work that just won't work xD
Tried lighting this picture on fire but Nick ended up looking like he had been shot three times instead xD faaail
In the forest again, but at work with the kids
Skyping with my sister just two days before the baby was going to say hello through C-section ;)
We had fun celebrating the day of the preschool one friday with the kids. The soap bubbles were the most popular thing of course!
Friday treat in the staff room... rhubarb pie, yum!
Hamburger for lunch and ice cream for desert... let's just say that the kids went home very happy that day ;)
Talking to the most handsome guy in the world! :D

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