Even grown ups need praise when they have cleaned

On a Sunday a few weeks ago I did something that I should have done a very long time ago. I cleaned and organized my bedroom! It sounds terrible, but I didn't do any of that for the first 3½ months after I came back. I was overwhelmed by how much stuff there was in there since the room had been used as storage space for my grandma and grandmother's old things. Plus, I was very depressed about leaving Nick and simply couldn't be bothered lifting a finger even though I kept telling myself "this weekend I HAVE to vaccum".
That morning I hadn't planned to clean. I just decided to start with the book shelf and then I kept on going. To organize the book shelf alone took 1½ hour!!! Nick called me right when I was done with it and I told him that he BETTER give me so much praise and tell me how amazing I am for making it look so good xD It was full of some of my old things and memories. But I wanted it took like it is supposed to by the time that Nick gets here. So I needed to put back all of my books and dvd:s which were packed down in boxes. I also brought some things back from America. I realized that I had two "Gatsby" movies, lol.
I thought I had sold most of my school books but apparently had a whole bunch left. So I put up 32 school books for sale and almost a month later I have sold five of them which is more than I expected. After five long hours I had put away four or five moving boxes with stuff, cleaned out every drawer with my old school stuff from years back in time, organized the book shelf, vaccumed and wiped the room down. I still have a lot of things to go through before I move but I am looking forward to that. This was just important because I wanted to be able to invite my friends over without feeling bad about the mess. Also to clear my head, because my brain was already stressed out enough. The messy room did not help.
It's always fun seeing things that you had as a child. I found lots of things from my baby years and teenage years that means a lot to me. I have actually written a list in the last few weeks, of Swedish things that meant a lot to me in my childhood that I want my own kids to experience. And Nick for that matter! It is everything from Astrid Lindgren books and movies Rolf Lindgren art, Jonna Jinton nature art, Erkers Marie Persson art on trays, the Maja songs, Elsa Beskow, Mumin, Trolle's traffic school etc. Just SO many things that I am writing down so that I don't forget to show them one day!
Me and Nick often talk about the things we will do in Sweden, both now and when we return in the future. I am looking forward to showing him the old royal castle in Stockholm since it looks so much like in the movies with the old traditions, art works, the guards, the horses and treasure chamber. I'm going to make sure that he gets to see the change of the guards which they do in the middle of the day for everyone to watch. They switch the guards who are standing around the castle so that the other ones can rest. This is always one of my favorite highlights of being in Stockholm. Nick thinks it sounds very cool and can't wait either!
The before pictures... oh the mess... that whole pile are mostly things that I brought back from America and just haven't had the energy to deal with yet,
All of the school books that I put up for sale
The before picture of the book shelf...
Aaaaand done! Proudly showing it off to Nick ;)
Lol I was obsessed with "Buffy the vampire slayer" as a teenager and Spike was my biggest crush
Cassette tapes, oh my
I actually made these! I swear I did lol. During my time in college we went on a field trip to talk about how to work with kids in different subjects. And we all got to create these with the help of fire, hammering and two old men ;)
Two old books that my mom used to read as a child and my Donald Duck magazine that I was sucscribed to as a kid :) love them, so I saved a few!
Clean as a whistle!
I totally deserved a plate of hot and creamy milk stewed pasta after I was done...

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