Every day stressful things

I had a pretty stressful couple of days after coming home from Umeå. Let's just say I wasn't motivated about getting out of bed and work on Monday ;) cuddling with a baby all weekend takes a surprising toll on you, haha! I had such a bad day at work because I had to be in the worst part of the preschool. Too much weird and bad stuff happened for me to even bring up. But to tell you one of the things - a teacher got undressed and stood in just her underwear in front of the kids while changing her clothes! :O what the... what teacher does that?? I thought we were supposed to be professional and not get undressed in front of other people's kids?? Ugh, such a weird day.
Then just as we were about to buy Nick's flight tickets, the price went up so high! From just costing 1000 dollars, they cost 1500. Damn it. So we simply had to patiently wait and see if it would get any better. You just never know about flights. The prices change so rapidly every day and it's either a great change or a horrible one. If Nick's boss hadn't made us wait for his vacation days for so long we could have bought those tickets a long time ago, and for a much better price.
Those three weeks when Nick had jury duty were tough. We hardly got to see each other at all. I was lucky if he had time to Skype for a few minutes on his lunch break, but that was it. We stayed strong about it for a while, but by the last week we were so over it. His weeks were filled with jury duty so on the weekends he saw his friends, while my schedule remained the same. Not seeing each other almost at all sucked. So glad that's over!
So on Wednesday I got the perfect break from it all :) I worked with the little 1-2 year old most of the day and then was done at 1:45 pm thanks to the fact that I had some overtime. It was a lovely summer's day with lots of opportunities to play with the kids and not think about stressful things. After work I went to Lillåudden with Sofie, a beautiful "half island", drank slush and then decided to watch a movie at the cinema. I had told her about how amazing "The Jungle Book" was so she wanted to see it. And I sure didn't mind seeing it again :)
Spent Monday morning in the forest with the kids
All dressed up and handsome for jury duty :)
On one of his lunch breaks
Missed this dude a lot...
Team work!
Taking a break at work
Hanging out with Sofie
Such a great movie!
We all of a sudden saw these cool carvings in a wall that we have walked by a billion times. How did we not notice these before?? I wonder if they are real and very old or just something that the city has put there as decoration.

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