International Street Food Market

Me and Anna (who traveled to America together with me as an au pair) met up at went to my favorite bakery :) It's always fun hanging out with someone who understands what it's like to live in America, how different it is from Sweden in both good and bad ways. We talked and talked for a long time about what we have both been up to. Afterwards we walked outside to where the International Street Food Market was set up all weekend! We never get street food markets over here unless there is a big festival going on but I really liked those kind of events in America, so this was fun! We didn't buy anything, just looked at the delicious treats and enjoyed the atmosphere.
This picture was taken one week before I became an aunt, when my sister was close to exploding ;)
Too many mornings like these...
Friday treats in the staff room!
Charlie boy!
Lots of yummy stuff to choose from at my favorite bakery!
International Street Food Market
They even had American food ;)
Watched the Eurovision Song Contest final and Nick called me just in time to see the character Lynda Woodruff that we both think is hilarious ;)

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