Our 1 year anniversary!

Celebrating that you have been together for 1 year is not easy when you are thousands of miles apart. There's just something that doesn't sound right about that, lol. We had an overwhelming anniversary weekend to say the least. There was so much going on. Noah and Neda came up from LA to visit so they had a party with a bunch of friends on Saturday at Nick's house. In the meantime I tried to entertain myself and forget what I was missing out on. I actually had a great time with Jasmine who met up with me at Espresso House and then convinced this sad and depressed little Swede to take a walk with her. We ended up walking to a new area in the harbor that I didn't even really know existed. Sofie has told me about it but I hadn't realized that it was this nice! We sat by the water for a while and it was so soothing listening to the tiny waves. Jasmine is in her second long distance relationship so she had some very good advice on how to keep occupied. I tried several of those things the very same day and they worked! Finally my mind was at ease.
It was put to ease even more thanks to Noah who decided to borrow Nick's phone and facetime me, lol. Everyone had passed out after the party and he tried pretending that he was Nick but Nick never facetime's me xD hahaha! Anyways, Noah is one of the few friends that me and Nick have who sees both sides of our story and gets what we are going through. He knows us very well and is always very honest about his thoughts. We ended up having a long conversation about how depressed both me and Nick are about being away from each other. It's taking such an emotional and mental toll on us and it sucks. To sum it all up he basically said that we are so perfect for each other that we just have to make this work. He reminded me of things that I took for granted in the beginning of our relationship, wonderful and kind words from friends about how they think we are so good for each other. Four months of not seeing the person that you love can easily turn into such a deep sadness. It's hard finding your way back to happy thoughts again. But Noah brought them all back to me and in some magical way managed to pull me out of the depression :)
Me and Nick had to celebrate our anniversary on Sunday since I was busy on Monday when our actual anniversary was. Sunday morning for him is Sunday evening for me so we had only a short while to actually see each other. And if anyone has ever been to a party at our house, you'll know that there is sometimes people left sleeping on the couch or the floor. Which is most often great fun because it's people who we love and consider to be family. But this was supposed to be a special day and that's one thing that can really stress me out about the time difference. Making sure that we have enough alone time. I had work the next day and couldn't be up later than 11pm. So after Nick had spent 45 minutes trying to get the last couple of people out of the house I got tired of waiting and called him at 9pm. They had already gotten to spend a whole evening and night with him, the least I should get is two hours on our anniversary ;) that's not too much to ask I think.
I told him all about mine and Noah's conversation and managed to pull Nick out of his depression with those words too :D It felt so liberating and wonderful to take a deep breath and decide that we should just start from scratch again with this anniversary. Ever since then we haven't fallen back into our depression, even though we are still sometimes sad and of course miss each other. We just couldn't go on any longer banging our heads against the wall.
I spent our ACTUAL anniversary on the 23rd of May at work. At my least favorite part of the preschool. It sucked so bad. Me and two kids were almost run over by another teacher with a giant stroller than she came barging into the room with during nap time. While yelling at the kids to stop looking at what she was doing and close their eyes again. Yeah thanks a lot, I just spent 15 minutes having them all do just that and you ruined it... then she spoke on the phone with someone for 30 minutes and left me with all of the kids while the other teachers were on their break. Ugh, and that is not even all that happened. I seriously can't stand that place but I won't be working as a subteacher for much longer so I don't have the energy to fight about it.
Meanwhile Nick had been called to jury duty. He had to sit the whole first day with his ankle and back hurting real bad, just waiting for the judge to decide who would be in the jury for this particular case. I can't believe they spent a whole day just doing that. Talk about a waste of energy, time and money. Eventually Nick was chosen in the last minute. So for the next two weeks he had to go there instead of working at UPS in the evenings. After jury duty he went to a bowling place that was shutting down their business so there were a ton of people there. He was there with some friends but we still video chatted and made me feel very included. It's honestly rare that I feel included in that way because it's day time for me and night time for him. So I'm not really in a party kind of a mood. But we felt so great being out of our depression that it was fine. We ended up not getting to see each other at all when it was the 23rd for the both of us. But our weekend was still a success :)
 1 year with this wonderful guy <3 this was when he was hanging out at the bowling place
Oh this ridiculous tan that I have gotten at work...

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