And the days go on and on

It's funny how much you forget when you are gone for 1½ year. There are things in my bed room that I had forgotten that even own. It's kind of like Christmas. I opened one of the moving boxes because I wanted to find my Harry Potter movies. I packed most of my things before I left in case my parents decided to move while I was away. In the boxes I found books and movies that I had totally forgotten about! I also found a box that my dad was supposed to send to me in America, but I changed my mind when I got there because I already had enough things. I was thrilled to find a small black purse to use for when I go out and don't want to drag along my big bag. And I found a ton of high heel boots that I plan on wearing a lot this spring, can't wait!!
I have sent out invitations to everyone about the reunion party now. So far a few have said no and a few have said yes. Hoping we'll be a good little gang at the end! My old teacher has helped me out a lot with paying the rent for the place we are having the party at and we will both probably bake cakes. I was going to do that myself so it's sweet of her to help me. She had spoken to the person I am renting this place from and I had forgotten that my grandmother is a member of that place so my old teacher managed to cut the price in half!  Funny I didn't think of that since this place has so much of my family history.
It's getting harder and harder saying good bye to Nick at the end of our video chats. We just end up staring at each other and saying good bye about ten times until someone finally gets a grip. But we are learning how and when we can talk without having to say good bye or feel like we are taking up each other's time. Nick used to hate video chatting before he had gotten ready for his day so I ended up having to wait half the night until he was done eating and showering. Now he sometimes just brings me with him. One day he went to get pizza and put the phone down in his car so that we could talk while he was driving. I even got to go in a get the pizza with him :P haha. Those moments are fun. When he got home he said "Hold on, I'm putting you in my pocket" because it was raining outside. I saw him talk to his brother and dad and when he walked into his room he picked up his phone and said "Oh yeah, there's a little chipmunk in my pocket!" xD lol

Going back to work this week felt great. For the first time since I came back to Sweden I could truly enjoy looking at my surroundings. The houses on the country side, with the little fences around it and open areas for horses to walk around. I love this country after all. This is what I have missed for so long. The weather has been great, sunny weather and blue skies. The snow is melting. It's still cold but beautiful. Gotta try to enjoy this now before I go back to the U.S. I know I'll miss it when I'm gone.
Btw crazy fact, I heard on the radio that since Facebook don't take down profiles of dead people (unless someone ask them to)... by the year of 2098 there will be more dead people on Facebook than alive!
I do NOT miss American crossroads. Good God it feels good not to have to wait longer than a minute by these crossroads. And I don't have to stop every other feet for a stop sign. It feels so good to just drive, drive and drive!!
Gorgeous snowy fog one morning at preschool
Nick's dad jumped in
Poor Charlie is naked nowadays. Good way to save money not to have to cut his hair every other month., but he doesn't even look like the same dog lol!
Little one playing in the puddles of melting snow. Let's just say that 99% of the kids clothes goes in the drying cabinet every day.

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