Åsby garden

It was sad leaving the preschool that I have absolutely loved working at. On my last day I said bye to two little ones who had just woken up from their nap and I didn't want to go. Ugh. They were so cute standing there with their hair in one big mess and their stuffed animals under their arms. The weather has been beautiful and so warm. Me and the other teachers have enjoyed every moment of it. We were just 14 kids and four teachers tohat day so we could actually relax in the sun for a while and let the kids run around. It was great not having to dress the kids in three layers of winter clothes. I took care of setting the tables and doing dishes and the day just flew by. The teachers here said that they have loved having me there so they hope I get to come back some day. I got booked at the other preschool I was at last week for just one day. Although in a different place of the building.
In the afternoon me and Sofie went on a trip to the Åsby garden. It's a fun little place with lots of different types of flowers, decorations and cooking items. I wasn't interested in cooking before I met Nick but now I actually found some things that I knew he'd be interested in so I sent him photos of it. He had never cooked with any of it so I think he'd like that some day. We took a walk among the beautiful old houses because we both love history. I ended up dropping her off at work where she would be all night, since it's a night time preschool. It was fun finally getting to see this place since she spends so much time there :) And as a fellow teacher I enjoy seeing other environments too.
Ready for work!
At work preparing lunch
Best colored cactuses I have ever seen :P
Åre chocolate, yumm!!
We were discussing how in the world they managed to balance rocks this well and find the right ones for the houses not to tip over back in the old days where they didn't have machines
Beautiful old mansion
Time for Sofie to work :)

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