Fun times with old friends

Nick went to Neda's house one night because she and Noah had a little get together. It always sucks for me to miss out on those things and at the same time try and be happy for Nick. He sometimes sends me videos because he wants me to know what he's doing which is hard for me because then I see exactly what I am missing out on. And yet, if he doesn't say a word to me at all I get angry because I don't feel included xD hahaha, poor guy, no matter what he does it's never right. It sure isn't easy finding a balance in long distance relationship. But it's also very encouraging when we do! Lately it's been SO much easier for me relax when I know Nick is having a good time and I feel genuinely happy for him. I have a good quality life over here too. It's different than in San Jose but you know what, there is something magical about walking on a frozen lake surrounded by gorgeous islands and the people in San Jose don't get to do things like that. So I have my fun and they have their fun and we should all just be happy for each other. It's more fun sharing what we are doing these days because even though we miss each other like crazy, we aren't miserable and crying every day ;) Nick knows how I feel by now so after the party was over he and Noah called me on IMO to entertain me with their silliness, which I appreciated a lot :P Apparently Nick had mananged to trip and fall down Neda's stairs that night, lol poor guy, it does sound like something that would happen to him! Noah and Neda have now moved to LA and we miss them a lot! Even though I technically have already said good bye.
It also helps a lot that I have reconnected with my old friend Anna agan :) we have been friends for more than 10 years but haven't talked a whole lot in the last few years. Now we are chatting almost every day and that keeps me occupied. What's funny is that she has always had a bunch of cats that I was allergic too. Neither she or Sofie can believe that they are actually discussing cat food and things like that with me these days! Haha yeah, I'm all of a sudden a cat lady. Who knew the day would come...
Last weekend I met up with two of my other old friends Lisa and Jasmine :) we had an awesome time at her place and Lisa's friend Kim joined us as well. I have been in touch with both of these girls over the years but they haven't seen each other since we graduated from 9th grade!! We called Anna too since we all went to school together. We had a blast catching up and it's just really nice to know that it doesn't matter how long it's been since we all hung out, we can still laugh at the same things and be goofy. Age is just a number baby!
Tyler was already asleep...
When my man gets ahold of a knife and ketchup xD hahaha
Back home saying good night :)
Time for MY night time fun, wiee!!

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