Happy Anniversary!

The rest of the week at the preschool had its ups and downs. I got a lot closer to the kids and I loved creating a bond with them. There were some misunderstandings so one afternoon I was left alone with 12(!!!) kids! I had known them for two hours at the most and was all of a sudden in charge of a phone and a list of children's names and had to make sure that right kid was checked off when they were picked up by their parents. Ugh, I was pissed off to say the least. At least I got to earn extra money on my last day. They asked if I could start 2½ hours early so I would work 9 hours in total. Hell yeah! I had just gotten the worst paycheck in history. I got less money in my first month than what I usually got paid working as an au pair for one week. It was obviosuly because I was sick and I also don't think they counted in a lot of those days that I worked. They will come with the next paycheck. It still sucked though.
We had an Easter lunch on Wednesday before everyone got the weekend off. We had a long weekend through Friday to Monday. I love that time of year. All of us ate together instead of sitting in separate rooms. Even a big fluffy Easter bunny stopped by with ice cream for the kids! I can't even explain how tired I was coming home from work every day. But it was worth it to make money for me and Nick! Besides, the bond I got with the kids was the best. The two year old who always got picked up last was so sad when I left. The last thing he did was to say "Bye... I love you!" with the saddest face ever. I felt so bad for leaving him and not knowing if I would come back. But now I have actually been booked there for two months straight so I can't wait to see the little guy again!
Me and Nick wanted to celebrate our 10 month anniversary because anything is worth celebrating when you are away from each other this long xD It didn't turn out how we had planned though! We spoke on IMO on Wednesday on the day of our anniversary and had a great time. But I asked if we could celebrate on Thursday instead since I didn't want to have to be stressed out about work. But on Thursday the god damn wifi connection didn't work so we couldn't watch "Hey Arnold", have dinner together or even talk. Blah. Our real anniversary turned out better :P
Oh gosh... Nick sent me this picture of Snickers and Twix. He said "Before I took the picture, I told the kiddies "Säg omelett!" Hahaha... xD it's basically the Swedish version of "Say cheese" but we say "Say omelet" instead :P
Tired at work. The last few hours I was standing in pouring rain and my toes were freeezing.
Our actual anniversary on the 23rd ... Nick was so sweet and lighted the candles around the heart I sent to him for Valentine's Day :) His grandma had put it somewhere after he got it but somehow managed to find it today of all days, lol!
"Smash the bug!"... the bug would be me ;) and don't worry, all he means is to hug me, hahaha
I love how long my hair is finally getting. It needs to be even longeeeer!
Ready for my last day of work of the week
The fog was insanely beautiful
Loved taking a walk in the sunshine

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