Present from The States and an icey lake

I finally got Nick´s Valentine´s Day present :) Petronellas boyfriend brought it with him from America and then handed it over to her parents. Me and Sofie went there to get it one night. My dad came with us as well since we had to go and check up on my grandma afterwards. Petronella's dad is so nice and we ended up taking a picture of me in her room to prove that I had been there, lol! It's just such a weird coincidence that we live so close to each other. Many of the other Swedish au pairs I have met live far away from me so we have lost touch. Obviously Petronella is still in California but she'll be home in just a few months :) I loved my present from Nick so much! He had framed one of my favorite pictures of us! Unfortunately the airport staff had been a bit rough with the luggage so the glass had broke :( But it is standing on my nightstand and makes me smile :)
I worked just one day last week. I got booked on another preschool out on the country side. It turned out that I had gone to college with one of the women who works there. She got her teaching degree at the same time as me. Mine is not done yet since I went to America before I could finish it. But it was a relief to have someone I knew at this preschool because it's always awkward coming to a new place. The kids were so cute and even though I struggled speaking after being sick so long, I had a great time. Since I worked a longer day I got a break around lunch time and could call Nick even though it was the middle of the night in San Jose. I knew he'd still be up ;) We had so much fun talking. Some days are just perfect to video chat because we have so many things to discuss. My break went way too fast and before I knew I had to go back to work. At the end of the day I decided to go down to the harbor because I noticed that the lake looked beautiful covered in ice. Don't know how long it'll be until I see an ice covered lake again so I had to take this opportunity,
Look where I am Petro!!!
Aww cracked glass, but I still loved my gift <3
My nightstand - two pictures, our photo album and Nick's body spray ;)
Hottest there is!
Talking during my break :) I took a 30 minute long walk outside at the same time!
The beautiful harbor

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