The past and the present

I needed a breath of fresh air so I decided to go to our old summer house one afternoon. We sold it to our relatives who have their summer house next door just a couple of years ago. I wanted to keep it but it was just too much work for my parents, especially now when both me and my sister have moved away. So I am very happy that it is still within the family so we can go there and just hang out once in a while without feeling like we're intruding. Our relatives have the keys but I still love taking walks around this very old house, sit on the small mountain which seperates the two summer houses and walk among the trees in the forest.
The nature here makes me feel really happy and yet kind of sad. Nostalgic and empty. I guess because it holds a lot of memories, especially of my grandfather who I miss a lot. I realized that one of the reasons for why I can't wait to be back in San Jose among the palm trees and mountains is because those are new places to me. With fun memories that don't make me feel nostalgic or old. They make me feel young and adventerous!

A weather stick tells you what the weather will be like in the next couple of hours :) if it points up it'll be sunny, if it points down the weather won't be as great. I think my grandfather made this one.
The secret pathaway that our grandfather created for us by chopping off some tree branches one summer. Since then we have been able to walk up and down on the mountain without having to get tangled up ;)

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