What great friends do

The days go by one by one. I liked it a lot at the preschool where I was at. The kids and teachers were so nice and fun to be around. Me and Nick talk a lot whenever we can. He decided to stay home instead of going out one Friday night which was good for me since I'm often bored during the weekends. We watched a movie that I saw a while ago. It reminded me so much of us. It's called "P.S I love you". The only difference is that neither one of us is dead of course ;) Nick really liked it too and could see the resemblance. He actually just told me that he thinks of that movie a lot :) especially on St Patrick's Day since the guy in the movie if from Ireland, haha! It's a sad movie but good.
Our Melodifestivalen competition is officially over and done with. It's the song competition we have here in Sweden where we decide what song gets to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest. I watched the final with my dad which was fun because we haven't hung out in forever. I gotta say, I haven't liked a lot of the performances in the last five years but this year it was hard to choose a winner! I am always more excited about the ESC in May because I love seeing the different cultures. Sitting up half the night following the voting is so exciting. This year the competition airs from Sweden (again) since we won last year.
Me and Sofie hang out every chance we get. She is my best friend after all and I want to spend lots of time with her before I leave (wish I could take her with me!!). We went to the store one day and she was the sweetest buying my groceries for me! I didn't even realize until it was time to pay that she had removed the "stick" between my stuff and hers :P sneeeaky. She knew I don't have any money right now and that everything I buy is with my dad's money. She even bought me a book that she had been waiting for me to read but I just hadn't wanted to spend money on it yet. She's the best! :) It's interesting how I used to be so allergic to cats, but when I picked her up that day I went into her apartment where she has two kitties and it didn't bother me at all! Sure, I was only there for 10 minutes but normally I would have a reaction. It's so weird how my allergies changed in America...
Movie night with my two tired dudes
Nick entertained himself with his "coming out of the darkness" trick ;)
Melodifestivalen night!
My favorite character of all times was back :P Lynda Woodruff! She is played by an amazing Swedish singer. She is hilarious in this role of a British spokesperson for the European Broadcasting Union.
Pretty big stage...
At the store I saw this funny pasta that is shaped as rice!
Best friend ever who just bought groceries for me :D
Saw the peanut butter Magnum ice cream!! Iih! I love how so many American treats are coming to Sweden :P

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