A reunion weekend

I apologize that I am so behind on my blog right now, but I have been too tired to deal with it after work ;) My weekends have been full of fun things too so I wanted to focus on that. Three weeks ago I actually had one of the best weekends ever!
On Saturday morning I met up at Espresso House with Calle who I went to school with, or at least 6-9 grade! We belonged to the "in between" kids in school who weren't super popular but no one really hated us either, lol. A big group of us would meet up in between classes in the room called "Mässen" to play cards. It's crazy to think how many rounds of card games we played during those years but we got damn good at it. After graduation we all headed off to different high schools. I stayed in touch with a few people. But most of us didn't hang out in our spare time, just in school, so we automatically lost touch (even though we swore that wouldn't happen of course). It was so much fun meeting up with Calle again to talk about those times and also what we are up to now in life.
In the evening I continued with my reunions! Me and Jasmine (who I also went to school with and just recently started hanging out with again) went to Alexandra's apartment. I have known this girl since we were like 2-3 years old. We had a blast talking about all of weird things we did as little kids. Like that one time when me and Alexandra were jealous of everyone else in the class who had brought something sweet for our Friday snack time. So we ran home to my house on our break and tried baking muffins. We had no recipe to follow and were probably not even allowed to use the oven since we were under 10 years old. And the muffins came out as a light brown, runny mess which tested like baking soda, hahaha! xD
On Sunday I arranged a reunion party for my old 1st and 2nd grade classmates. I had really hoped more people would show up, some said they would but actually forgot about it and some didn't reply at all. I'd lie if I said that didn't upset me. I am always pretty organized and if someone invites me to a party then I will definitely reply and if I am going I will write the date down, because I think it's rude not to. But everyone is different and the ones who didn't come sure missed out on a wonderful day! The weather was perfect! I first met up with Matilda who I haven't seen since I was about 9 years old. We drove out to Orresta restaurant and golf club where I had decided to have the reunion. That place has so much of my family history and is absolutely beautiful. I got to meet Madeleine who I also haven't seen for 10 years or so. I have seen Alexandra and Micaela since then but not Micaela's newest addition Elsa, such a cute baby :) Our teacher Kerstin was of course there! Me, Micaela and Alex met up with her two years ago and then decided to have this reunion. We had a wonderful time talking about old memories and what our lives look like now. It was an amazing feeling sitting there as grown up women having conversations with our teacher who we all haven't spent time with like this for about 17 years. We actually talked for so long that we didn't notice that the restaurant was closing, haha!
Outside of Espresso house with Calle
At Alexandra's house I cooked some tortellini for us ;)
By the entrance you can pick a note to see what best describes you, mine wasn't exactly positive ;) lol
Jasmine was very sweet and walked me home since she had her bike and could get home faster than me afterwards, it's not super safe to walk by yourself that late
Nick was jamming away when I got home ;)
He took this picture at work and I just have to post it because I think it looks cool
Reunion with my old classmates and teacher :)
This salad was included in the price at the restaurant :) they had arranged it so nicely for us and set a table in preparation.
They didn't have a vegetarian dish on the menu so the chef created this for me. OMG, it was soooo good!! Pasta with a sauce that I think he said was made out of cream, butter and dill. I have never even thought of putting dill on pasta, I only ever eat that with potatoes. But it was so crazy delicious!! I gotta try this at home some day!
Great time with great friends :)
Little Elsa who is just 5 weeks old :) funny how the first time around Kerstin got to meet Elsa's big sister. Kerstin had actually become a grandma herself just 5 weeks ago.
Kerstin brought a book with pictures that we had made for her one Christmas. This is the one that I made :) It says "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I'm going to miss you".
Kerstin made this delicious Pinocchio cake for dessert, I gotta try this one day!
Madeleine's parents gave her a ride and stopped by which was fun since we haven't seen them in years either. All of our parents were so close during out time in school. They always arranged fun things for the whole class to do. I loved how involved they were. Madeleine's dad took this great picture of us :)
We were at the farm that my grandmother's grandfather bought in 1916. It was in my family for the next 80 something years!
Afterwards me and my dad stopped by at my grandmother's apartment real quick to check on some things. She wasn't at home. But she has just moved back after the renovation of her apartment. It's funny how after all of that happening it still smells like grandmother and grandfather in there. It always will. It reminds me so much of celebrating Christmas there and early mornings with breakfast in front of the TV together with my sister. These wodden figures were made either by my grandfather or his father. They are so important to me, one day I want to have at least some of them in my house to show my own kids.
It looks so empty now after all of her little nick nacks are packed down in boxes

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