Crazy good anniversary and sister's baby belly

Nick called me one morning at 6am. His excuse was that it's Sunday and since I didn't have to work, it was fine for him to call at that hour :P haha! I loved it though, as much as sleeping in is nice - getting surprise calls for him is the best! He was in San Francisco with his dad to see a band play. They had walked by a place called "Little Bee Baking". Funny considering that his dad calls his sons and me Little Bee or Little Bean all of the time. Nick calls me that too. Or actually he calls me Bean Butt Baby Bear, lol.
I skyped with my sister Josefine for several hours one day to see her big baby belly. It was huge then, but it's even bigger now of course! She's all belly! Nothing else on her body has changed - lucky girl xD She showed me everything that is prepared for the baby now and it looks hella cute.
Me and Nick don't plan our anniversaries anymore because they don't even turn out as planned. Usually a bad internet connection is to blame. But our 11 month anniversary was amazing. We weren't going to make it a big deal because who cares about an 11 month anniversary, really? xD But it means a lot at this point in our lives and that's okay. Every little step in the right direction means the world. Plus, it means that we have managed to get through yet another month of being apart. Because I left San Jose on the 18th and we were officially a couple on the 23rd, so each month around that week feels like we have reached two important goals. But on this very day we actually ended up skyping for 7 hours in total!! From the time that he woke up in San Jose until when he went to bed. It was just so wonderful and amazing. We haven't had that much quality time in one day since I left. He even sacrificed playing with his team on Mortal Kombat to talk to his fiancée that day, haha. I had work the next day but for him it would be Sunday. But he said "I wouldn't care if I had to work tomorrow, because today's anniversary was so good". Then he said "I'm going to have to do something bad tomorrow" and I thought he was going to the dentist or something, but he went "Yeah because today was so amazing that I have to do something bad tomorrow to level it out" hahaha xD <3
That's aunties little nugget in there!
We had this moon thing hanging on our cribs as babies
6 am talking to this dude :P
Tried wearing my hair like this and it looked great, was nice with a change... it lasted for two days xD
When you make your friend join Snapchat and she can't get enough of it... xD hahaha
Oh be still my heart...!!!
I get SOO frustrated and honestly feel like crying during foggy mornings when I drive to work. Because all I want to do is go home, grab my camera and head out to take pictures. Instead I am stuck in the car going to work all day. We hardly get this kind of weather now in May. These last few foggy days came in April.

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