Getting our four day weekend started

The weather has been absolutely amazing most of May. We sure have had some very cold, windy and rainy days too which is weird to me now. I am used to sunny California weather all of the time during spring. At the same time I am not a huge fan of the heat so I can't complain about some cold breezes and rain once in a while. Plus, that is the way we get these beautiful green fields and colorful flowers, bushes and trees everywhere :) To walk downstairs to the cool living room and kitchen to make breakfast, hear the birds sing outside in our front yard and smell summer slowly creeping in. There's nothing like it. There is something truly magical about this slow change of weather in Sweden that you dont get in California. There is something to sweet and wonderful an uplifting about it.
I finally watched the third Hobbit movie, lol. I am a big fan of "Lord of the rings" and "The hobbit" but just didn't get around to see the third one when I was in California. It would have been awesome to see it in the cinema but I didn't really have anyone to go see it with. I just had other things going on too that felt more fun and interesting at the time. But I absolutely LOVED it! Peter Jackson really outdid himself on all six movies and it was beautiful how he wrapped them all together in the last one. I'm going to make Nick watch the "Hobbit" movies some day. He's not into fantasy and didnt like "Lord of the rings" but those movies are pretty dragged out, in "The Hobbit" there is much more action and things happening. Not very many dull moments so I think he might enjoy it.
I had quite a long period of time where I was struggling to skype with Nick when he was hanging out with other people. It was rough feeling like I was looking in through a window from the outside. Feeling very left out and like I was missing out on making my 25th year on this planet into something special. When you skype and have other people around you miss out on the private part of being in a relationship. You can't relax in the same way and talk about whatever, especially when I couldn't always see who was around. I knew he had friends over but were they standing right behind the phone so I couldn't talk to him about certain things? So I would ask him if he was hanging out with anyone, if he did then we would just text instead of call because I needed to keep my sanity. I can't say I managed to do that either way. And our friends were/are so sweet always trying to make me feel like I am there which isn't easy to convince me of when I am sitting in a quiet, boring room with nothing to do as soon as we hang up the call. It actually creates the feeling of being more alone than ever. But lately the weather has gotten better which helps my mood. And we have found a way of talking that helps us both to feel connected. It just comes down to the fact that I have got to remember, that Nick misses me and is just as sad as me even if he has people around. Yes, he has more company than me but he struggles a lot when there are lots of couples around. Because he is reminded of what he doesn't have right now. He still needs to be able to enjoy the company of his friends of course.
We had a four day weekend coming up in Sweden since Thursday was a red day. Then we call Friday "in between day" since it comes in between the Thursday and Saturday where everyone is off work and school. So we often get the Friday off too. Me and Sofie decided to celebrate this by going to Löga beach on Wednesday after we both were done working!
I sometimes go on walks on my break. On that Wednesday I got these beautiful pictures as a result :)
Time for Löga beach and some ice cream in honor of summer coming up! ;)
Gorgeous duck

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