Two teachers and one kid - really??

I have had a photo blog for a couple of weeks now. I'm kind of giving up on it though because hardly anyone visits it anyways, so it feels ridiculous to keep posting pictures. But I am looking forward to printing out many of them and hanging them up in mine and Nick's home one day. I have so many good nature pictures from all over the world, great pictures of us, the kitties and the people who we are closest to. But I think I'm still going to publish some of the photos on this blog once in a while, because I am very proud of them. For anyone who wants to see the stuff I published on my photo blog, here it is:
I am at a new preschool now. I was there for a few weeks earlier this year and honestly hated it. The part of the preschool where I was at was very stressful, but I blame the teachers for creating that kind of an environent. So when I got booked at this place again for two months I freaked out. I was much happier when I came there and was told I would mostly just be on the other side of the preschool. Phew!! I only have to be on the bad side once every two weeks or so. So it's fine. I love the teachers and the kids on the good side ;) The only thing I find hard about being a subteacher is that I often feel left out of the planning part. As a preschool teacher I would love to be able to plan out the days with my colleagues. But since I am only there for a few months the teachers automatically take charge of that and don't think about including me. It sucks to be standing on the side of their conversations. Sometimes I only get half of the story and have to try and figure the rest out myself. Especially when I am sent around to different places of the preschool and not all of the teachers are clear on what's going on. But 90% of the time I feel very much so included.
I had to laugh when I spent a rare day at the "bad side". I was looking after a 2 year old who was climbing up on a tiny slide. I was standing right behind her to catch her if she fell. She slipped a bit but since I was standing right there, I helped her out and yet encouraged her to keep trying by herself. As soon as she slipped one of the teachers, who has a horrible attitude and just yells at the kids all of the time, came up to stand behind the kid with me. So there we were, TWO grown ups watching over a child with FOUR hands in case she fell!!! xD WHAAAT?? There was one other teacher who all of a sudden had to keep track of about 16 other kids. *Facepalm* I can't even...
Spring has been lovely...
Went to the library downtown with a big group of kids. We stopped for a while so they could play so I took my opportunity to snap some pictures.

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