Vacation troubles and Tinder anniversary

In April we just HAD to get Nick's vacation dates from his boss. Nick had talked to him ever since January about this and he said he would arrange it. We changed the dates from May to June since my sister was going to have her baby in May. His boss said that might make things a little harder, but since we were so early to ask about vacation we thought it would be easy to fix. And it would have, unless Nick's boss hadn't pushed it off one week after another! He knew this was urgent. He knew Nick hadn't had a vacation during the three years he had been working there. He knew why Nick needed time off and acted like he cared about what we were going through. Yet he didn't make the arrangments so that Nick could get his two weeks off in June. Instead everyone else all of a sudden got their vacation slips one day, except for Nick!? It turned out that one of the supervisors had been walking around with Nick's vacation slip in his pocket that whole entire time. I can't even explain who fuming angry we were. At first we couldn't celebrate Midsummer together anymore. Okay fine, the next couple of weeks instead? Great, Nick gets to see Power Meet in the beginning of July instead. Nope, then his boss wanted him to work on 4th of July since they will be extra busy then. How about he flies over here on July 9th? Nope, someone had already taken those weeks. Nick literally freaked out on his boss and yelled at him and his boss didn't say much cause he knew he was in the wrong. Nick was at home when his boss texted him saying that the next couple of weeks had been taken too. We were beyond pissed and upset. Numb. Felt like giving up on getting to see each other at all before it's time for me to fly back to San Jose. Nick felt totally used by this company that he works so hard for. Finally it's been decided that he'll be in Sweden from July 31st to August 12th. Two months after the original date we had in May. It's twice as expensive to travel here during the summer but we're just going to make it happen. Nick is saving some of his vacation days so that we can do things together when I get back. Like go camping, going to Las Vegas since I have never been there etc. I am looking forward to doing those things with him so much. We just want to see each other already!
But it actually works out okay. We will still do all of the other fun and amazing things I have planned. Plus, my sister and her boyfriend and baby will be in Västerås that part of the summer. So we can have a big family dinner, that we invite our aunt and grandmother to so they all get to meet Nick and the baby at the same time. Perfect! :) We used to have big family dinners all of the time but since my grandfather, grandma and other aunt passed away it has sort of just died out. But now we are adding more new people to the family, both babies and Americans haha!
Work is more fun for me these days now that I know the staff and kids better. Once a week I take care of the gathering we have of the kids before lunch. Since Valborg was coming up I discussed what it originates from and we started talking about everything from witches to funerals of pets... you really don't even need to discuss anything special with them, they are always willing to talk about anything that they can think of. But it makes me live out my dream of being a teacher when I get to do these things and truly educate them. I love it so much. I have been working a lot with different age groups of kids which is nice. If you want to talk about stress, try having five 1-2 year olds around a table who are screaming that they want another sandwhich when some of the kids haven't even gotten their first sandwhich yet! It's still a blast though ;)
I had a dentist appointment because I was sure I had a cavity because before going to America my dentist said that I had a cavity on the way and that tooth had been bothering me quite a bit. I was so certain that I would need to get it fixed, that I had planned on putting away 200-300 dollars of my next paycheck. But it turned out that my tooth was perfectly fine! No one is more surprised than me... and releaved! Plus, my appointment was supposed to cost about 70-80 dollar but I got two discounts which resulted in just having to pay 15 dollars. Every year we get a 30 dollar discount at the dentist in Sweden (so great!) but I am not sure what the other one was for.
Me and Nick had our Tinder anniversary on April 29th ;) we have lots of fun anniversaries at this time of year but this is obviously the first big one. The day we matched on Tinder. It's so funny thinking back to those days because it feels like we were two completely different people. Who knew my life would be turned upside down from that day on. I miss spending my days with him and doing amazing things on a small budget. Nick often says he has a champagne taste on a beer budget. And he really does. Because he can spend three hours in the kitchen creating dishes that looks they belong in restaurants, with simple and cheap ingredients. He wants things to look nice becaue he is a colorful person and wants to express that in everything he does. I have gotten used to it and that is one of the reasons why being back in Sweden is boring to me. Because I am used to him making my life more colorful. Everything is so exciting and fun with Nick.
It was still pretty cold in April
9 hour time difference... noon for me means 3 am for Nick
All of a sudden my hair look like it belongs in the 50's
I dyed my hair twice to get a lighter color, but it sure didn't work... have to become a blonde with the help of a hair dresser instead
Rainy sandbox to say the least
Dentist office
My sister gave my quite the scare one Friday when she sent this picture to me saying that this was her Friday night fun xD what??? It turned out she was only joking :P
Gosh such beautiful weather over there in California
Talking to the parrot
Don't always wear my ring at work these days since I am getting tired of having to think of keeping it clean while changing diapers etc. xD but when I do wear it, I feel closer to Nick <3
Every Friday we get a nice little treat in the staff room...

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