Family lunch and thoughts about living in Sweden

After Nick's first week in Sweden we had a big family Sunday lunch with my parents, aunt Ingegerd, my sister and her family. One of the biggest reasons for why I wanted to have a lunch together with everyone that day, was so that Nick could try my favorite chicken pie. When I was younger and still ate meat I would ALWAYS ask for my parents to serve that chicken pie with rice and berry jelly for my birthday. It's crazy delicious and I knew Nick would love it. Even though I have been a vegeterian for many years I still get jealous when other people eat this ;) but I got a delicious pie all to myself so I was more than happy. I think even Nick who is a great chef was surprised at just how good the food was. It all just goes together so well and creates a perfect balance. We had six boxes of left overs so we ate pie for several days! In the evening me and Nick kept telling each other "Uuh okay let's give ourselves thirty more minutes, then we can justify eating more pie and not feel fat" even though we were hella full :P That's how you know that you loved the food ;)
Agnes was so active and funny all day. She tries talking back to us now, you could really see how hard she was working to try and make sounds. So cute! I love how she recognizes me and lights up when I come around. Hopefully she'll do the same thing when she gets older even though I won't see her as much. She is developing very fast for someone so young. So we all of a sudden had to be aware of her strong legs while changing her diaper because she was super close to banging her head on the bathroom wall tiles while pushing herself away with her legs! It would have been quite the bang!
We had a great time hanging out and we got a good laugh out of Nick while having coffee and cookies. He took a big sip of his coffee and literally spit it out immediately because it was so hot. It made such a funny sound and happened completely out of the blue. He whiped up the coffee that had spilled on the table, but while whiping he accidentally moved the coaster and his coffee flew out over the table once more. We couldn't keep it in anymore, all of us laughed so hard, including Nick :P because we all knew that he was probably on edge still and was hoping to make a good impression on my family, luckily they all knew him by then and already loved him very much ;) haha!
In the evening we sat quietly in my bedroom, he was on the bed solving cross word stuff and I was blogging. It was nice not having any sounds arround us after a whole day of talking. It still didn't feel like he was actually here. We still had that out of body feeling and didn't understand that we were actually looking at each other. But as much as we didn't want to go back to Skype/imo we knew that thanks to this vacation we can help each other through these last few months in a better way. Because he knows what my reality here is now. And he has met my family and Sofie so he knows who I am talking about when I mention their names. He simply gets my life in Sweden now, which was hard for him to do before.
Nick has always gotten uncomfortable when I have brought up the option of us living in Sweden. Not that I want to, but if we really had to because of financial reasons or if we just wanted to live here for a few years, then it would be nice. But since he had never been here, his mind was set on America. While being in Sweden he completely changed his mind though! We don't want to live here right now but he is all of a sudden very willing to at least consider it. It would be easier financially for sure, I could provide for the both us and pay the bills for a nice apartment just with my teacher paycheck. Crazy huh? But that is how it is over here. Although we would in that case either move further south or north, because I am so bored with my hometown. The north is really calling my name. The only downside would be that it's hard to find people to hang out with. But the nature is stunning!! I just love how Sweden has had a very calming effect on Nick. He is at peace here. He understand my perspective and why I don't party as much here. Life is just fine as it is without doing that. Sweden is a nice country, I just don't like being here alone. So there are pros and cons to everything.
Finally got great pictures of Agnes wearing the baby body that I gave to her when she was born!
She mimics the sounds and movements that we do now, so when Nick waved at her she kept waving back xD so adorable
Lol, we tried out some new hairstyles on Nick!

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