The royal church and gorgeous representation floors

We had to sit down and take a breather for a while, since it's a very big castle! We sat on the side walk eating Pringles and drinking lemonade until we were good to go xD Our next stop was the royal church which is inside of castle as well. I have seen it on TV so many times and seen it in real life once. But I still had forgotten how breathtaking it is. It truly is the most beautiful church. It is so majestic and out of this world!
Then we took a looong walk around the representation floors which is where the royal family works and sometimes lives. Although we were of course not allowed to access all of those areas. There are a ton of rooms that aren't being used, they are just old bedrooms of Kings and Queens so their paintings hangs on the walls. It sure is beautiful! It takes an hour to walk until you get to the end. Poor Nick was really bothered by his ankle at this point so we tried to hurry up. It's hard though, when you want to stop and take a picture of everything that you see! :) and he still enjoyed seeing it all!
Outside of the church
Stunning church!
The start of the representation floors
Here is where one of the maids used to sleep in the past. Although now I heard that it is a guest room for whenever the royal family has company.
The outfit worn by the priest who marrys or take care of any other big religious ceremonies for the royal family
The room where the King and Crown Princess many times have announced the names of new born royal babies in live TV. You can tell that the King's chair to the right, at the end of the table, is sliiightly bigger than the Crown Princess's chair. Just to mark that he is the ruler right now. Old ridiculous nonsense rule of course ;)
What the King and Prince wears on important occasions, I believe it also represents that they have a military education.

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