The treasure chamber and armory

Our day in Stockholm continued in the treasure chamber. There the royal castle keeps their most precious crowns, tiaras, jewlery and the font that royal babies are christened in. Unfortunately you are not allowed to take pictures in there. It's not a big place though. The treasure chamber is located very deep in the castle's dungeon.
Several of the museums were located in the big, dark brick wall dungeons. Our favorite thing to see was the armory. It consists of several big rooms that are connected to a long hallway. They have collected hundreds of old clothes, weapons and armors beind the glass walls. It really is the coolest thing ever. I love history so Nick had to put up with me asking him to please take pictures of almost every single thing! There were a ton of tourists down there which didn't make it easy for us, that is one of the things that I think is difficult about Stockholm. But we still enjoyed this so much! There are a few modern clothes presented here that our own royal family has worn, to connect the present and the past.
Next to the armory is the room where they keep all of the old royal wagons and sleds. They are simply gorgeous. All I could see while looking at them is every movie I have ever seen, about European royals and how they dressed and made their way around hundreds of years ago. It takes you back to a time that is hard to imagine actually used to exist. I can't believe that there were people living like this once upon a time. Our current royal family have their fancy homes and clothes of course, but much more modern. Old traditions still live on today and they strill travel in wagons pulled by horses on special summer occasions.
So many questions pops up at a place like this. What were the people who worked and lived here like? Did they have good lives or were they servants of the king? Did they have to go down to these dungeons to collect wood to keep the castle warm during the long winters? Was it scary only having one little candle as the only source of light?

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