Easter celebration

One thing that I know I will miss in America is the long Easter celebration! It's really strange considering how religious America is, that they don't have a big holiday surrounding Easter. But here we do and it's a lot of fun! None of it really makes sense though. I don't know what chickens has to do with Jesus, lol. But at this point Sweden has so many atheists and has changed a lot so the celebration is mostly for fun. We had Friday to Monday off from school and work - woho! I know Americans mostly focus on Easter Sunday but just like on Christmas, us Swedes celebrate the day before ;) yeah, we're rebels.
So on Saturday my sister, her boyfriend Johan, our aunt Ingegerd and grandma came over for an Easter lunch. I have managed to get a bad cold (again) but pulled myself together because I haven't seen my sister since she came to visit me in California last summer. Of course the center of attention was her big belly ;) in just two months she'll have a baby and I can't wait! I felt the baby kick twice. One hard kick and one loooong where I felt the whole leg move because the baby has less room in there now.
We had a delicious lunch, although without any eggs or potatoes which isn't very Easter like at all, but it was still good. We got Easter eggs with candy and a lottery thing from grandma that I won 30 kronor on (basically 3 dollars, lol). Me and my aunt also showed everyone some of the videos from her U.S. vacation. The next day Josefine and Johan came over for a quick lunch again just so that we could see them one last time before they went back up to Umeå. The next time we'll see them they will have a baby! I of course forced my sister to pose for a billion pictures ;) You can see the result in the next update, I am so happy with the photos!
Everyone guessed what day the baby will be born, what time, how much it'll weigh and how long it'll be. Whoever wins gets the baby. That's my rule though, not sure if my sister agrees.
The parents to be and grandma
I love, love, love these old fashioned Easter eggs. We have a whole box full of them in different sizes. It sucks that you can mostly just find boring looking ones in the stores now. And they often have brand names on them. Booh! Me and my sister would always get to look both inside and outside in the garden for our eggs as kids.
Woho, I won!
My aunt could finally give my dad this sign that she bought in Mountain View. I had completely forgotten about it. My dad loved it, he had watched a Scooby Doo movie just recently ;)
Cute belly!
These glasses are over a hundred years old...
My grandma has always been very good at making little cute things and I'm guessing she made these.
She definitiely painted these eggs and birds, I know that much! She created the birds out of pasta many years ago.
The blue and golden plates were once owned by my grandma's parents. They are so beautiful. We had chocolate pudding with whipped cream for dessert on them!
A giant chocolate box that my parents were given by Johan's parents several months ago
Everyone of course had to pose with Josefine for a photo before she left!
Lunch the next day looked more like a traditional Easter lunch...
Glad Påsk - Happy Easter
And of course I had time to squeeze in a conversation or two with this dude ;) I showed him a picture from when I celebrated Easter as a kid. It's been great that they had summer time in San Jose before us because the time difference went from nine horus to eight hours. That meant me and Nick got an extra hour to talk. Since Nick wakes up so late during the day, that was an hour that we needed. Although tonight we changed our clocks to summer time in Sweden, so we actually just went back to a nine hour difference...

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