Fog fail

Every single day that I drove to work last week there was this gorgeous thick fog covering the city. I mean, it was so thick that you could hardly see a thing in front of you. And it stayed there all morning up until noon. If there is one thing I am obsessed with it's fog and smoke. There is just something so beautiful about it in my eyes. So mysterious. I love capturing it on photos. So I had a vision of getting up really early one morning with Sofie and drive down to the water. There was still ice on the lake so the white ice with the contrast of the white sky and fog would melt into each other. When we sat on the beach it would look like we sat in a bright light with the sunrise carefully peaking through.
So me and Sofie got up at the crack of dawn. We initally aimed to get up at 5 am but since neither one of us could keep our eyes open that early we slept for an hour longer. AAAAANNNND No fog. Just rain. It was the most boring of mornings but we decided to take a shot and still drive down to the beach on bear island. The weather was just as boring there. Blah. Really!? I finally have a day off where I can take my time to take pictures and this is what I get?? Oh well, since it was freezing cold we only spent about 20 minutes taking pictures there. When our fingers turned read we walked back to the car. I'm not sure how I did it but I actually stayed awake for the rest of the day, I was sure I'd end up crashing in bed.
At least we had fun and got a healthy start of the day. There is just something about the fresh morning air. It almost feels like it's new air that noone else has had the chance to breath yet. It's all yours. It almost feels like it hasn't been contaminated with the poison from factories and cars yet. Whenever I have gotten a good walk outside sometime during the day I tend to sleep better. My new thing is to use Nick's sweater as a "blankie" at night. Can't sleep well without it now because it makes me feel safe. I wear it wrapped around my neck or holding on to it with my hands because it feels like sleeping right next to him.
We're going on an adventure

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