New positive outlook & and a death scare

What a confusing title huh, haha. Okay enough with the sadness! Had to get that blog update off my chest and now I'm gonna throw it away and never think of it again :) It's a new day, me and Nick have just talked and come up with a plan of how we should be able to get the money until the end of June. We can do this!!!!
Let's talk about more fun things that happened a week ago. I woke up one morning and had gotten a message from Nick saying he misses me and that he thinks I should wake up now :P I'm usually the one who sits on Facebook saying "Wakey wakey!!" so that made me happy, haha! I decided to give him a call and the first thing I see is a girl's butt. It didn't take me long to figure out it was Rachel's butt :P Apparently I know how my friend's butts looks like and can identify them that way, haha! He was hanging out with her and John.
When he was eventually at home in bed my day got started I decided to meet up with Sofie downtown. We walked around looking for all kinds of different spices and vegan food that she needed. Her sister has just moved into her apartment and she cooks really good vegan meals. But the ingredients aren't always the easiest to find. After that we went to Brasseriet which is a new restaurang that looks interesting but we have never been there. And we won't come back! The waitress was so obnoxious and acted like this was the fanciest place you could go to on the planet. They couldn't possibly adjust the food a bit for us who don't eat meat, which they usually can with at least some of the dishes at other restaurants. I ended up ordering a banana split instead of food. It was really good but this place was expensive and so not worth it.
I got quite the scare a couple of days later when I was in the middle of a conversation with Nick. All of sudden he just stopped reading my messages and talking to me! I knew it wasn't super late in San Jose, especially since he tends to stay up until 3am. I waited patiently since I knew someone could have just stopped by his house to hang out but an hour later I hadn't heard a thing. So I thought "Maybe he decided to go somewhere and his phone died"... but it didn't sound like something Nick would do. Just take off in the middle of our conversation? He always let's me know what he is doing and who he is hanging out with. After three hours I was straight up panicking thinking something had happened to him! Him choking on some food on New Years kept going on repeat in my head and I knew I wouldn't forgive myself if I wasn't there and something similar happened to him. But after three hours he finally wrote to me, freaking out as well, because he realized how upset I was xD He had taken a muscle relaxer for his pain and it completely knocked him out. He felt really bad about it because he said he would flip out too if I did the same thing. But I was just happy he was alive xD haha! Ooh long distance can really mess with your head sometimes ;)
Lol, Noah sent me this on snapchat! Guess I gotta move here!
Downtown with Sofie
Sunny spring day
Brasseriet - the restaurant
Dark chocolate ice cream, slightly fried bananas, some kind of jam that was too sour for me to eat and delicious lemon crisps that were so sour but it went perfect with the ice cream. I loved it!
Funny way to pay...
IMO:ing with Nick feeling totally jealous of the gorgeous California weather xD it's funny how I miss the Swedish weather when I am over there. And when I am here it's the other way around. I just think the California sun gets boring after a while because it looks the same every day. Here we get a nice mix of sun, rain, clouds, fog and snow!
That beard ended up getting a little too long for our taste :P haha!
He's gonna try and grow it out so it looks like when we first met ;) loooong, haha!
I have started taking screenshots of snapchat. Nick was finally able to film all of the boxes he works with at UPS. He loads tons and tons of these packages on to this thing several times per night and then drops them off where they belong. Fun to finally get to see what his "train" looks like. As you can see on his comment he isn't always thrilled about it though, it's a rough job where he has to lift very heavy packages! But I am proud of him for working so hard every night.

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