The colder he acts, the more desperate they become

I was so happy to hear the Nick's grandparents got the letter I sent to them! I wrote saying thank you for welcoming me into their home. Obviously everyone in the family lives there but it's first and foremost their old house and they accept people coming and going all of the time. Even though they don't love having a ton of people around and prefer to stay in their bedroom. They never complained once about me being there and practically moving in. His grandma said it was so sweet of me to send the letter. I also sent some pictures that I had taken since I came back to Sweden and she loved them.
I can't believe this but one of our friends (won't mention any names) had such an interesting date recently! She had been on Tinder, met a guy named Nicolas (my guy's name is Nicholas), he was 25 years old (just like Nick was when I first met him) and they went on a date in south San Jose (where my Nick lives)... haha!! It didn't work out but we thought this coincidence was hilarious.
Saturday was a well spent evening at Sofie's place. We didn't go as crazy as last weekend. Just stayed at home and entertained ourselves with getting her a Tinder account, lol! We also skyped with Nick and he told us about how last night at the Boulevard had been a little crazy for him. I knew he had been there after work and seen a good band play, but apparently a whole bunch of girls had come up to him to flirt. One tried dancing with him when he was checking out the band so he just stopped dancing xD haha. And two other girls had been trying to get a conversation going and since Nick is not an asshole he of course made smalltalk. They asked what he likes to do in life and he said that he's good at cooking food. The girls said they were looking forward to him cooking food for them tomorrow morning then, Nick replied with something in the lines of "Or not" and left :P haha! It still blows my mind that girls who can clearly see that he is engaged (he wasn't wearing any gloves that night) tries so hard to get him for themselves. The colder he acts, the more desperate they become. I'm glad he tells me when these things happen. I already trust him but it builds more trust. Because what if I get a message from someone telling me that a girl flirted with Nick and he hasn't said a word about it? Being this far away creates the need of a much clearer and honest communication. It's always better to overshare. I'd rather hear about these things than having him not say anything about it to protect me. Nick has always been a brutally honest person from the moment I met him. And he would never trick a girl into thinking something would happen between them. He always talks about me and makes it clear that nothing is going to happen between them. The fact that some girls still don't get the message is mostly just entertaining for us ;)

I understand why they can't contain themselves though ;) imagine this dude sitting in the bar when you walk in ;) <3
At work selfiiiieee
I skyped on my laptop (instead of using IMO on my phone) one day and the quality was crazy good. I should use my laptop for that more often but it's just too much trouble to unplug it from my big computer screen.
One of our favorite things right now is to lay in bed together. Sometimes when it's bed time for one of us, the other person decides to take a nap because they are tired. We never fall asleep with the video chat on since that would take up waaaay more data than what we can afford. But it's always nice laying like this and talking about everything and nothing and say nighty night. It creates a feeling of being safe.
Lol, someone was getting a painful paw massage from Reese
Walking to the bus to go home to Sofie :) it was such a gorgeous spring evening
Loffsan, one of Sofie's cute little kitties. She's so old but soo tiny and shy!
I brought snacks ;)
Tinder time! I seriously spent almost the whole evening wrestling with Sofie to get her to swipe right on at least some of the guys, hahaha! It ended with us accidentally liking some guys that were just not that great xD
Speaking to that boy
Since I can't do the face swap things on my old iphone 5 I had a good time playing with Sofie's snapchat instead :P

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