Sit on a log and a tree house

We took one day off just to chill and do almost nothing. It was great to take a deep breath and just allow ourselves not to rush around to try and see every part of Sweden before Nick had to leave. Plus, it was raining anyways. The only time we went outside was during the sunset. We bought some things at the grocery store and Systembolaget (Nick's nick name for it became "sit on a log" because that is how he thinks it sounds, haha!). I craved a slushie so we got one each and he loooved it since they are not close to as sugary as in America. I wanted to take this opportunity to show a bit more of the downtown area. Especially the Vasa park and Västerås castle.
It was all very well until we got chased by a bee again. Nick was chased by a bunch of bees as a kid and got stung badly so he absolutely hates them of course. I am not very fond of having bees all up in my face either so we left. Just sorry that we never came back to take pictures in front of the castle and to take a walk around it. This year the city planted a bunch of beautiful summer flowers in front of it so it looks like a perfect meadow, but I didn't get the chance to take pictures of that either. We'll come back some other time instead :) At least I got to show him the tree house that we have in the park. You can rent it to live there. We also have a house like that out on the water that you can rent. There is a dock that you can sit on to catch some sun and then stairs down to the living area. I don't know how big it is but it must be pretty cool.
Spending our day like this was perfect. In the evening we ate yummy food, had some drinks and played dice games and card games. Nick said "These are my favorite moments, just sitting like this with you".
The best sort of mornings
Silly head
Spaghetti alfredy and potato gratin with green onions was my lunch
Very fancy and dressed up for a summer evening walk :)
The Gustav Vasa statue, he was Sweden's king in the 15th century
Tree house
Face swap... so wrong in every way

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