Tough kitty love & Going back to Effie's!

During my first couple of days here in San Jose we took it pretty easy. I was jetlagged but managed to turn that around surprisingly fast. We ran some errands and tried to figure out a way to fit all of my stuff in our small bedroom and closet. My two bags are still laying on the kitchen floor full of things ;) During the first 1½ week my cat allergy was really bad. I had expected to have to go through that whole ordeal with itchiness, runny nose and asthma all over again and that it would eventually get better after a few months. But I got another reaction that I don't usually get. I had red spots all over my hands and neck and some on my face. It was really frustrating and I was worried that my allergy had gotten worse and that living with cats would be a nightmare. But after just 1½ week I felt a thousand times better. I have allergy pills, an inhalor, nose spray and eye drops for whenever I need them (because I still do) but I use them less and less.
I was also worried that the kitties wouldn't remember me. And it made me sad at the beginning that they actually didn't seem to remember me. Poor Reese, who is Nick's best buddy and who always sleeps in bed with him, didn't want to sleep in bed with us at all. Of course not. I stole his spot and I stole Nick from him too. Snickers who usually rolls around on her back and wants her belly scratched like a dog to whoever walks in through the door, was not sure about me either. Buggy stayed away from me for a good long while and didn't want to be touched. But finally there was some hope when I saw my little Twixie bear. She came running up to me meowing and wanted cuddles, as if I had never left her. She and I have always had a special bond. Nick was close to giving her away several years ago because she was always out and about and didn't desire a whole lot of human contact. But we are both so glad that he kept her, because now that I am around she wants to hang out with us all of the time. And my heart overfilled with joy when both Snickers, Buggy and Reese got used to me. Two weeks later they all sleep in our room/bed at night. Our four babies are happy and content again. Never would I ever give them up for the sake of my allergy.
We didn't just want to sit at home the first week so we celebrated my return to America by going to The Cheesecake Factory. The next night we went to our favorite karaoke bar Effie's where we saw a bunch of people who wanted to welcome me home. Nick had announced on Facebook that we would be there. So people who normally don't even come to Effie's stopped by which was wonderful! My spontaneous welcome home party was perfect and everything I could have asked for. The highlight was definitely Nick singing "Sweet Caroline" while everyone in the bar sang along as a big choir.
The pretty flower bouquet that I got from Nick after he picked me up from the airport <3 They are still in full bloom
As much as I miss the Swedish nature and how you can see miles away, I also love the palm trees and mountains
Mac n Cheese balls as an appetizer at The Cheesecake Factory,.. we could eat these for dinner every night and be totally fine with it. SO delicious.
Back with my handsome love
We unpacked the box of Santas that I had sent before leaving. Wish we had more Christmas decorations this year because just having these (plus two more) Santas became slightly creepy, lol. But I still love them. They are going to look much better to live in a bigger house where we can spread them out in different rooms.
Nick with his best buddy Reese
When I woke up I was finally greeted with some sunshine
Our little Buggy bear
Snickers and Reese
My tiny Twixie
I am happy to be back with this guy who actually can cook food, compared to me. And who is able to sneak in some healthy vegetables into my diet once in a while ;) it's not easy making food for a picky vegetarian who doesn't like cooked vegetables but he knows what he can get away with :P
Like this... I'm such a baby... if he mixes spinach and tomatoes with pasta, cheese sauce, mushrooms or eggs I will eat it ;) because it's delicious when he makes it
My first time back at Effie's! I missed this place and the people there so much.
Michael Skilj did a very rare appearance at Effie's! But he also lives three houses down the street from us so it's not like we never see him ;) such a blast to reunite with my friends!
Our best buddy Jon was there of course!!
And Nick's mother Ingrid was a nice surprise! She stayed there with us all the way until closing time and then was nice enough to buy us food and drive us home!

The most beautiful flight to California

Hi there!
So I have been back in San Jose, California for two weeks now. It's about time that I share the amazing photos I took on the flight from Sweden :) gosh that view was beautiful. I was sad to leave Sweden, it's like splitting your heart in two, but I felt a lot better when I was reunited with Nick again. Although I got damn nervous when he wasn't at the airport when I landed xD it turned out that he had been stuck in two hour traffic in the rain. I will write more about my time here later, but for now I want to share the pictures from my trip. My dad had been very nice and bought a premium ticket from me so I got through security very quickly and got to sit in first class. I was worried that I was going to be stuck there with a bunch of stuck up people in tuxedos like I usually see sitting in first class, they always look so grumpy. But there were only people like me in first class and even families with small children.
Half of the seats weren't even booked so I got to enjoy flying with no one sitting next to me. I got my own blanket, lots of leg space, I could lay down and flip up the TV-screen and a small table from the armrest and the flight attendant was super friendly and served us something to drink pretty much every 15 minutes xD I wish I could fly like that every time but there is no way that we can afford it :P Since we flew through different time zones I got to see beautiful sunsets, sunrises, mountains in daylight and a full moon right next to me at night time. Hope you enjoy the view, because I sure did!
Very surreal feeling to leave an empty bedroom and know that I was officially moving from home
My dad walked with me through a snowy downtown Västerås to say good bye at the central station
Gorgeous sunrise over the Vasa park
Central station trains
Bus ride to Arlanda airport in Stockholm
Sweden sure is beautiful
I had plenty of space in first class
I mostly watched "Finding Dory", "The big bang theory" and slept ;)
The food was disgusting though. I don't understand how you can fail so terribly bad with pasta. The last time I traveled with Norweigan the vegetarian food and pasta was delicious! I was glad that I had bought snacks beforehand.
All cozy under a warm blanket, with my headphones on watching a movie
Mountains or clouds? I couldn't even tell the difference sometimes, all I knew was that is looked stunningly beautiful
A blurry full moon right next to us
It looks like ice crackling on a lake but we were very high up in the air, so it must have been clouds
One of my favorite pictures
We enjoyed this sunset on our left side for a very long time
Mountains on the Canadian and American boarder
Starting to spot Oakland underneath four layers of clouds
After that amazing flight I couldn't help but to feel disappointed about landing in a gray and rainy California xD not the kind of weather I expected