I've got half a kitchen in my closet

I have been wanting to do this for so long! Go through my closet and sort out everything that I don't want or need to bring with me to California. I have a lot of stuff so I am sure some of it will have to stay here in Sweden in boxes and every time I come back to visit I'll take a box or two home with me. I managed to throw away two bags of clothes and I will give away one bag of clothes to charity. The best part was to go through my "when I move from home one day" stuff ;)
On every brithday since I was 16 years old I have wished to get things that I will need in my own home. I just didn't want to end up being that kind of a person who gets her own place and then sits on the floor eating food for months! Or having to buy paper plates because I can't afford to buy real plates for the first two years! I wanted those tiny little things that is going to make a world of difference when I am finally standing on my own two feet. But instead of getting my own apartment here in Sweden I will get a place with Nick in America instead :) I showed him all of these things on IMO (we don't Skype anymore because IMO works much better) and he thought it was great to have this "starting kit" :)
I started off with a big mess...
I sorted out my closet before I left and I'm not sure why I kept things that are obviously way too small :P I think it was more of a sentimental value. I still have a hard time throwing some of my old clothes away.
I have two lamps that will hang in a window
Six brand new glasses!
Almost ten years ago I got these plates for my birthday. A bunch of flat ones and deep ones. Perfect birthday present! I can't believe they have been in my closet for this long. I am still so excited about using them for the first time. It's important to me that they are not used until we have our very own home. It's a symbolic thing.
One thing that you just can't live without when you move from home...
Since I love photography I have a bunch of pictures to hang on walls and also frames where we can put our own photos :)
Coat hanger
Cute little box for the kitchen. No idea what to put in it, but it works well for decoration too :P
A well deserved snack after all of that hard work...

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