Working as a subteacher

Since some people apparently saw my blog post about getting a job and saw the picture of IKEA, they thought I had gotten a job there. But nope, I just uploaded my pictures in the order that I took them as always :) Those who read the blog post knows I got a job as a subteacher but let's make this the headline to avoid more confusion, haha :P
I got booked on my first job, a two week period at a kindergarten out on the country side! Luckily "country side" in Sweden means no more than 15 minutes away. While waiting to start working I spent my time doing things that I normally don't put too much energy into. Like trying out different kinds of make up and styling my hair. I want my hair to grow out and be really long for the wedding so I brush it often and put sunflower oil at the ends to keep it from drying out. It's working! I don't think my hair has ever been this healthy, haha! I also took the school bus from Västerås to Eskilstuna to do my presentation of a big exam that I have already written with a classmate. We had already gotten the highest grade on it, so now after being done with the presentation I can finally leave that behind me.
I have my good days and bad days. I often look outside and think "oh the weather is nice, I should go outside" but then I don't because I have nowhere fun to go. This is what my life looked like in the last few years that I lived here. I was SO bored and ready to get out of this city. It was such a relief to go away as an au pair. If I hadn't met Nick I would have moved anyways. My plan was to either go to the south of Sweden or to a completely different country, most likely Australia. It didn't matter to me how long I stayed as long as I got to see the world and not Västerås. As a teacher or nanny I am lucky to be able to find a job pretty much wherever I want. But now Australia will most likely be where we go on our honeymoon instead which is perfect :)

Early morning at school waiting for the bus
Like a hobbit I had my second breakfast in Eskilstuna... started wondering if I was in the right room since I was the only one there at first...
Some extra energy for the afternoon presentations!
So freaking cold waiting for the bus back home
Wavy hair of the day
When Nick needs to use the bathroom he doesn't go "brb"... he just takes me with him xD haha!

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