To shatter your loneliness

Me and Sofie really should have gone to bear island earlier this week like we had planned instead of being lazy about it :P It's one of our favorite places during winter but now the snow has melted away within just a few days!! So now it's very slippery, icy, wet and kind of boring outside. Usually we don't get this kind of weather until March. It is very noticable in Scandinava that the Earth is getting warmer because we normally get snow two months before Christmas and now it often doesn't even come until after Christmas. I absolutely hate it. As a kid I had the most awesome winters and now they look dull. I am hoping we'll get a bit more snow before spring!
Anyways, we shouldn't have waited until late afternoon to go either because some sunlight would have been nice. Sofie is so brave and wasn't scared at all but there is just something about being surrounded by a dark forest that just doesn't feel safe to me ;) When we finally reached the camp fire area we couldn't get it lit! The fire wood was probably a bit damp from the weather and the potato chips we had brought didn't work at all! Lol, Sofie had read somewhere that you can use that and she actually tried it at home and it worked. But the problem was that she had gotten fat-free chips this time so the fire kept going out. She put paper towels on there which gave us a two minute long fire and a distinct smell of burnt fries, then it got dark again xD haha! We just ate our sandwhiches and took the next bus back into town.
Wednesday was worse to say the least. I have been lucky to have many old friends reach out and want to meet up since I came back. That is so amazing and has really helped keep me from going insane. But this day I had absolutely nothing to do or no one to see. In the morning I woke up in a good mood and got laundry and dishes done. You basically fake it for a while and then all of your thoughts creep up on you and then won't stop spinning around in your brain. I ended up being very unmotivated to do anything because I really had nothing planned. Around lunch time I went to buy a frame for Nick's photo and I also organized the fiancé visa/green card folder but that didn't take more than a few minutes. These days are hard because I just feel sad and wish I had a job already to distract me with. I ended up going back to the church actually. It was so nice sitting there in the complete silence. Except for those two guys who were drilling holes and building something of course. But there is just something about a church and the echoing in it that feels comforting and it helped to clear my head. I still had a whole day and night in front of me to get through when I came home which was rough but I'm taking one day at a time.
Bear island
Potato chips ready to go!
Noo the fire is dying!
That poor rain deer on our porch feels very naked and exposed these days, haha!
Thinking away
Happy I got this framed
Now we both have gotten our visa photos taken and I loved how Nick's turned out!

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