Jury duty, Baby presents and Rocket ship balloons

Since the weekend was so crazy busy and we barely had time for our anniversary celebration, we decided to have it on Wednesday instead. But that was when Nick all of a sudden had jury duty. Our whole routine was thrown off because he would get up early in the mornings and barely have time to talk, then I would go to bed and wake up and get ready for work when it was evening for him. So he had time to talk but I didn't. I would normally call him on my break but now he was asleep at that time. We weren't thrilled about this schedule. I was lucky though because Jasmine told me her plans for that Wednesday night had been cancelled so she would keep me company instead :) We had pizza, cider and talked for hours. Petronella called me on Facetime while we were hanging out so the two of them got to meet each other! Petronella was anxious about leaving America in just a couple of days and I could definitely relate.
The main reason for why I wanted company on Wednesday was because my parents drove up to Umeå that day. We weren't supposed to go up there to see my sister's baby until the weekend. But our plans changed so my parents went there two days before me. Which meant two nights alone in a quiet house. It also meant not taking the car to work. I had to get up 45 minutes earlier in the mornings, walk to the bus station and I hated every moment of it. On Thursday night I had no company at all. I hate being alone these days so it sucked. Nick had some time to call me on his lunch break but whenever those calls end there is a silence around me that I can't stand. But we had a fun that day at work because the kids got to make their own rocket ships. Well, sort of ;) They got to make them out of paper, tie them to helium balloons and then release them to see how far up they would go. The rain had been pouring down all day but we still gave it a shot. Us teachers and the kids were laughing so hard. Something so simple can really be exciting! Two balloons flew away high up in the air while four sunk to the ground. The kids were running in the rain chasing the balloons and cheering them on :)
Before my parents drove up to Umeå, which takes about 8 hours if you don't count having to stop to eat and use the bathroom, I had to wrap my presents for baby Agnes. I would fly up to Umeå so bringing the presents with me on the flight would be hard. I just love the stuff I got for her :P I ordered a baby body with a picture of me and above it says "World's greatest aunt" ;) haha! I also bought a beautiful set of plates, a sippy cup, fork, knife and spoon for when she can start eating solid food. Of course it'll be a while until then. But this is from a troll collection by the artist Rolf Lidberg that we adore. As kids we had a picture of these trolls on our wall (that my sister has now re-framed and is hanging in their apartment, which I didn't even know until I gave her this present). We also had a book about the trolls. So this felt like the perfect present. It's made out of plastic so Agnes can throw it around all she wants ;)
Jury duty dude
Skyping with this cutie pie when they had gotten home from the hospital :)
Another cutie pie
The presents I got from Agnes :) this body is the smallest one they had, she won't be able to wear it until later this summer. But that's perfect, because they will be here in Västerås then!
Rainy day means this at the preschool :)
Hanging out with a very good friend who brought cookies :) <3 hihi
And talked to this one...
Another day of jury duty... handsome fellah!
Balloon time!

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