In a San Jose shower

I loved this preschool on the country side so much. Too bad I only got to work there 5 hours per day, I could sure use some more money! One morning we took a walk to a forest close by and it was so beautiful with the sun shining among the trees that I had to take some pictures. I only worked three days that week since I was still sick on Monday and all sub-teachers were off work on Friday since the teachers had a big meeting in the purpose of educating themselves further.
In the afternoon that Wednesday Sofie was off work early so I picked her up and went to bear island :) we love this place so much. Although we've been there so much lately that I think we gotta switch it up soon enough and go somewhere else, lol. I took so many nice pictures out there but I'll post those in my next update.
I IMO:d with Nick that evening and left my phone for a short while. When I came back he was in the shower!! Haha whaaaat!? He was getting ready for work and decided to get two things done at the same time. I don't know how how could hear me talking since he was behind those glass doors but somehow it worked and it was freaking hilarious. Of all the ways I have video chatted with Nick, this is the weirdest... haha!
I'm enjoying every moment that I get to spend in a forest full of green tall trees, moss, rocks and birds...
I sent this to Nick
And I got this back ;) so weird how it's late at night in San Jose when I have just started working and getting used to the sunlight
Buggy boo. These cats seem to be clueless that it's me talking to them xD I'm just a phone to them these days, soo sad

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