Rough week at work and a Tattoo Expo gig

I was at another preschool during a four day period, since everyone in Sweden were off school and work on Friday. As a subteacher you sure have to adjust quickly. On that first day I arrived just after lunch and was left in a room alone with nine kids that I didn't even know, it was time for them to have their 30 minute rest. The teachers didn't even introduce me to them first so I just had time to say hi to some of them! I had to wake them up afterwards which was awkward since we hadn't gotten a proper introduction. After being there for two hours one of the teachers thought I should take care of the afternoon gathering of all 18 kids which was a bit of a shock to me since she hadn't prepared me for it whatsoever. I was just standing there waiting for her to get it started. I ended up saying that it's probably better that I set the tables for the afternoon snack instead and she agreed. The first day was rough to say the least because the kids were all over the place and I felt like I wasn't getting any real information from the teachers.
Nick had a gig that weekend at the Cow Palace in Daly City. Our friends in NME offered to let him sing two songs, "Rebel Yell" and his own song "Hand it over" with them :) The gig went well and he is greatful for the opportunity. But it was a bummer that he had been sick for several days (while I'm writing this he still isn't okay!) so his voice didn't hold all the way. But it was cool that they got to play at a giant tattoo expo and get their music out there! Playing at a rock bar is easier because you know that everyone there likes rock music. But it's harder to win over a crowd that isn't there just for the sake of the music. There was body suspension and all kinds of stuff going on around them which was distracting. But I have seen the videos and I think the guys did a good job :) I wish I could have been there to see it live! That's the thing that sucks most about being so far away from Nick. Whenever I watch old photos or videos of us I turn around to look at him and smile, but he's never there. And he hates how he turns around in the bed to hold me and I'm not there. These days he actually has to sleep with ear plugs because the other side of the bed is often taken over by a snoring dude :P He misses my sleepy rambling in Swedish, haha!
Now that we are both sick we really miss those times where we could crash together in bed after a long day. I remember one time when Nick stayed home from work because he wasn't feeling well. I was sick too but not enough to stay home. We were in such a bad mood when I left the house and I ended up having a crappy day at work. Then I came home, shut the bedroom door, we didn't say a word to each other, I just crashed in bed right next to him and he wrapped his arms around me. I didn't move in forever because I was so tired. I wish I could to that right now. Just throw myself into his arms and not have to say a word because he knows exactly what I need.

Screenshots from his Snapchat :)
Back home with meee <3
Reese's tail looks like a mustache :P
Dancing around :P
Ever so wise words

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