A church that is 500 years older than America

I woke up at 5am by a Nick jumping in the hotel bed, lol. He had slept between 6:30 pm last night and up until when I came back from meeting Sofie at midnight. Then he was awake with me until 2am. But he was up bright and early while Caroline over here had only gotten three hours of sleep xD  Nick ended up getting dressed and going out to the front of the hotel to have a cigarette and call Noah. The rest of the morning we wrestled in bed, lol yeah litterally wrestled, which was a blast because I have missed doing that so much.
We went down to the hotel breakfast with high expectations, since that is usually very nice and fancy hotels. And we sure were pleased! It had everything that you could want and lots of typical Scandinavian stuff for breakfast. Nick is used to eating food for breakfast but here we eat sandwhiches, yogurt etc. But luckily for him they did have bacon and eggs ;) It was wonderful eating breakfast together for the first time in way too long. He noticed that people were staring at him a lot. His apperance does stand out a lot here. He's a handsome rock n roll guy with such a mixed heritage that people probably aren't sure about where he comes from. They just know that he's not Swedish :)
Nick took another quick nap and then we checked out and took a walk to my house. He got to meet my parents for the first time. They already love him after seeing videos that I sent while I was in California. While freshening up he talked about how much he misses our cat Reese and I thought that would be the perfect time to give him my present. I had worked so hard on it for weeks and it still wasn't done, but good enough. It was an embroidery of Reese sitting in a window trying to catch birds. Nick loved it soo much and was relaly moved by how I knew it would mean a lot to him to have Reese that "close" by :) I will try and maybe finish the rest before he goes back home.
We freshened up and an hour later Josefine, Johan and Agnes stopped by. We ordered pizza for lunch. Nick finally got to meet this cutiepie of a baby! When I changed her diaper she managed to pee again on her outfit. Luckily Josefine had brought along the baby body that Nick had picked out with me (through Skype) and given her. That was a nice surprise for him :) And Agnes was so calm that he could her without a fuss!
Afterwards I showed Nick around in one part of the downtown area. It became a long walk because we first had to go and get his hair gel that he had forgotten at the hotel, then we fed the ducks by the Black river and after that I gave him a tour of the downtown church. Nick really loved to finally get to see this church that I have talked about so much. I just love the history of it. It's very, very old just like lots of other churches and buildings in Sweden because it's an old country. It truly puts things in perspectiv when you realize that this church is actually about 500 years old than America!! Many parts of the church have of course been added or renovated through the course of time, but there are still parts left from the original one. We ended our walk in the gorgeous botanical garden.
It's fun how Nick gets to see my Swedish culture because he notices culture shocks and starts to understand what I went through in America. It's a blast coming to a new place, but also overwhelming and difficult to adjust at times. Even after being here for four days Nick still walks in to the house with shoes on and then turns around, because he remembers that we don't wear shoes inside in Sweden, haha! He's so cute every time he does it because he does a little spin around and comes back to take off his shoes xD Nick fell asleep in the early evening again and woke up later to hang out for a while and draw on my feet and do the word hunt that he got from his grandpa. We had a nice time sitting there talking and before we knew it the night was over. I normally try not to post more than 20 pictures in one update, but I'm about to break that rule big time!!
 I told Nick I was ready to go down to the breakfast in his giant work boots ;) lol I can't even walk in them
The view from our window
A very happy Nick with little Reesie bear :)
First meeting :)
The cute boat outfit that Nick picked out for her!
Sporting the necklace that Nick's dad gave me
Black river
Sleepy bear

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