Hässlö annual flight show

Every year we have a big airplane show here in Västerås. Last year it was cancelled because of financial problems. But now they decided to do the show anyways, but not with any of the bigger and modern airplanes. They just used the ones that belongs to the club here in town which are mostly old classic ones. My dad loves flying and even used to have a flight certificate for glider aircrafts! As kids it wasn't that much fun for me and my sister to go to these events. I would get a sun rash and we'd be bored out of our minds sitting there all day long in the hot weather. The only thing we enjoyed was walking into the hangar and get to sit in some of the military aircrafts.
As a grown up I appreciate these kinds of shows a lot more. I saw one in Chicago. That one was very, very cool but it sucked that the planes just flew away somewhere afterwards. You couldn't walk around to look at them, talk to the pilots or get to sit in them. So when my dad asked if I wanted to come along to this one I said yes. We rarely get any daddy/daughter time nowadays so it was a good opportunity. I felt like it was especially important to go since I probably wont see a show like this in Sweden again for a very long time, maybe not ever again.
We could have taken the car but my dad wanted us to ride our bikes. Luckily for him I am more hard working and ambitious these days, so I don't complain as much about that as I would have a few years ago ;) instead I just shut up and focus my energy on riding the bike. It took us 50 minutes to get to the airport. The nature was a picture perfect look of Sweden and I wanted to stop every other minute to take pictures but knew the trip would take too long then.
The show took five hours and was great! There were some fast planes that flew by but my favorite was the one that was flying a choreographed "dance" to three songs! The pilot who flew the fastest plane came out with the reddest face I have ever seen on anyone xD haha oh the G-force. We had egg sandwhiches and ice cream which was perfect. The day went by so fast and I couldn't believe it was already evening and time to hang out with Jasmine. Not before riding our bikes back home again of course which felt like forever since my butt hurt from sitting down for so long :) ouch!

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