Nick's first day in Sweden!!

On Saturday the 30th of July it was FINALLY time to go and pick up Nick at the airport!!!! Those last 24 hours went horribly slow and I didn't know what to do with myself. I was nervous while driving to Arlanda airport since it's hard to park there and find your way, so I was relieved when I managed to do that quite easily. I had told Nick that he should meet me by the luggage claim since that is where the arrivals were when I came back from America. But I realized that his plane arrived at a different area so the arrivals came after the luggage claim. Darn it. So I waited for him for two long hours, for the last hour he walked around by the luggage claim wondering where I was and where he could buy a lighter for his cigarettes lol :P
When he finally came out we were both very surprised about our reactions. We were so sure that we would cry, but instead it was like meeting each other at Starbucks again for the very first time. It's funny how you think you remember exactly what it's like to hang out with someone, but after that much time, you just don't! It was sweet in a way to "get to know" each other all over again. It's the third day now and I am still not used to him being here, but the first 48 hours were nuts. It felt so unreal to look at each other. When he took his sunglasses off in the car I had a major flashback to our first date at Starbucks. Because I remember him doing that and I really was taken aback by how cool they were. I have never seen anyone with eyes like that but I now know that it comes from a mix of an Indonesian and Italian heritage.
We drove to Västerås in pouring rain. Nick had ordered rain because he is tired of the sun so he got what he wanted! I had booked a room at the fanciest hotel in town and it was gorgeous. He already was in love with Sweden after a few hours. We freshened up and went to Oleary's to eat which was great, but after 6 hours Nick crashed in bed and slept the rest of the night, haha! He was absolutely exhausted of course, since he hadn't slept on the flight. I gave him a back rub since he is in so much pain from his rough job, but he fell asleep after just a few minutes. It was perfect just getting to lay next to each other and cuddle. I wasn't tired at all myself so after three hours Sofie said that she could come down to grab a drink with me. It was a great ending to a great day to sit at Oleary's with her! :)
From the moment that we were together again, I relaxed so much more. It was like taking a huge sigh of relief after all of those months of depression and crying. My OCD always eases up a ton when I am around Nick which is very helpful. My stress goes away. And at the same time those 6 months were exactly what we needed to learn how to be independent. We can't believe that we are back together again :) <3
Lol I had to compare my feet to Nick's giant work boots

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