Highlights of my life and Visa update!

Hi guys!
As much as I want this to be just another update on my every day life here in Sweden, it won't be. I would LOVE to catch up on everything that I have fallen behind on. But I decided today that it's not worth the energy. I think about blogging every day but don't do it. I want every update to be perfect and include all of the things that happened and if I don't have the energy to write all of that down, then I just don't do it all. Hence why it can go long periods of time without any updates ;) I am going to take a break from the blog up until when Nick comes to Sweden in 11 days (yaaay!). After all, the main reason for why you guys are reading this blog is probably to follow our life journey.
To give an update on what's been going on in the last month. I have a lot of free time since I am not booked as sub teacher so much during summer time. I finally could afford a gym membership and love going there with Sofie. I have bought a wedding dress and wedding shoes for mine and Nick's short ceremony this fall, whenever that will be :) Regarding the visa process. We have been terribly nervous about whether or not our new evidence would be approved or not. Nick called them about a month after we had sent the evidence and they told him that they had just opened up our case again yesterday. Basically we would get a letter within 30 days with the verdict!! Scary! But Nick called me a few days later at 1am, waking me up, telling me that our case had been approved. He had tears of joy in his eyes and I was in a "Huh? Wait what?" mode. It took me a while to realize that it wasn't just a dream :D Now the National Visa Center will go through some things, then send it to the U.S. embassy in Sweden and then I will go to my interview.
We celebrated Midsummers with pouring down rain! Ugh, such a bummer. My last Midsummer in a long time and I didn't even see a Midsummer's pole. I was looking forward to dancing around it for once, haven't done that since I was a kid. Although we did have a wonderful celebration and danced around our own Midsummer's pole at a preschool that I worked at for two weeks. I really miss the kids that I worked with for two months at the other preschool, they all climbed over in me in one big pile and hugged me and told me how much they loved me when I said good bye <3 On my last day there I was the only person responsible for them and had to take care of everything, together with some other sub teachers. It was great getting that leadership but I wish I hadn't been sick!
The bad weather just kept on coming. I can imagine the city festival lost a lot of money because of that this year. Seemed like a lot of people stayed at home instead. But the first night was amazing! Me and Jasmine went to the big stage to see Hardcore Superstar. They kicked ass like always. Afterwards Backyard Babies played and none of us had ever checked out their music so we gave them a shot. And WOW! We were blown away. I am a huge fan of their band now. Great live! Power Meet was just a few days later but that too was also whiped away with rain. At least the big parade on the last day, which is usually the big crowd pleaser. I was getting really sad about all of this rain because I felt like it was ruining everything that I had been looking forward to doing one last time before moving to California.
Me and Sofie decided to celebrate the 4th of July on our own, haha! Obviously it's not normal to celebrate it in Sweden but since I am practically half American now we thought it was a good excuse to party ;) it ended with us having a good old time on her balcony for hours and then taking the bus downtown to Oleary's to have some typical American food (while it started raining of course) and then practiced the wedding march on the street, lol! Let's just say we were the only people on a Monday night having THAT much fun! ;)
Sweet baby Agnes, my sister Josefine and her fiancé Johan are here for the summer which is wonderful! We've had lots of baby cuddles :) Agnes' great great grandmother and great aunt have both gotten to meet her. And me and my parents got to baby sit her for the first time a few days ago while her parents went to a restaurant. She was a bit cranky but lucky for her auntie Caroline knows what she's doing when it comes to babies ;) so I managed to put her to sleep (didn't dare to move for 40 min in case the little devil would wake up haha). Now we are looking forward to her name giving party (she won't be christened) on Sunday! Auntie Caroline will bake strawberry cakes :)
I have close to a billion perfect pictures that I would like to share with you guys, but it's too overwhelming for me right now. At the end of the day what matters most is that I have them to look back at and smile. If you want to follow my every day life - check out my Instagram! :)

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