Black River walk Part 2

The second part of my walk around the river was so lovely. They had planted such gorgeous flowers that screamed SPRING so I couldn't help but to stay for a good long while and take pictures!

Black River walk Part 1

Three weeks ago I took a spontaneous walk around Black River here in the downtown area where I live. It was the best decision I made all day. I just wanted to get out of the house. But I had no idea that there were so many flowers growing there now. The weather was perfect and I had my camera with me. So even though it only takes maybe 30 minutes to walk around the whole river, it took me 1½ hour because I stopped to film and take pictures every other step of the way. I probably have got one hundred amazing pictures but here are my favorites! Nature walks are the best.

Meowbox and luggage luck

One day when I was skyping with Nick he said "I got a weird box in the mail. My dad was trying to tell me about it when I was in the shower and he kept yelling "it's a mewobox in the mailbox!". I heard what he said but meowbox didnt make sense so I thought he said there was a mailbox in the mailbox, lol." he laughed and looked confused. I got excited and told him it was from me! I had gotten an email about it that very day saying that it had been shipped and it would arrive within the next 10 days. So I was going to tell Nick that something was coming in the mail for him and the cats but I never got the chance, lol. Talk about a quick delivery! I have heard about the meowbox and barkbox before but never had any pets to try it on. So I decided to see what our kitties would think of it. They are outdoor cats though so I knew they probably wouldn't be super entertained by everything so I only ordered one box to begin with. In each box you get 5-7 kitty treats or toys and there are different ones each month. They all hated the kitty treats haha! No one would even try it. But the toys seems to entertain at least Reese. the little hunter. Although I am sure Snickers would love them too because she always has a blast playing with hair ties and things like that. I am glad we tried it and that they got some things to play with because they have no toys. but we probably won't order the box again :) They got very excited when it came though, I am sure they smelled the catnip! Nick agreed that it was about time the kitties got something in the mail, they never do! Haha!
I went to the store with Sofie after our trip to Engsö and couldn't believe what I saw! They were selling suitcases for just 20 dollars each!!! WHAT!? I have been planning on putting away about 200 dollars to buy two big suitcases since I only have a small one. So I of course had to buy this one that was on sale and planned on buying a second one before the sale was over. But then my dad said that I could take one of their big suitcases so I am bringing the pink one that I had with me to America the last time. Well damn, I saved 180 dollars to spend on other stuff.
After way too much uneccassary stress surrounding Nick's vacation days and the USCIS letter, I decided that we deserved a real proper professional massage. Like an expensive full body massage at a spa! I used to get massages all of the time but now we have to save money. But Nick's back and whole body was killing him because of his physically demanding job. My back and neck were just as bad from lifting up kids and carrying too much stress. We simply needed this. I wanted to surprise him with a gift card for our Tinder annviersary but couldn't buy it with my Swedish credit card so he had to go and purchase it himself. But that didn't matter much since all of it is our money, according to us anyways. It was perfect and exactly what we needed. Nick's body started hurting again not long after of course because of his job, but the lady actually massaged his bad ankle which hurt but it helped!
Lol the look on my face when Nick is having a drink from Togo's... I miss Togo's so bad xD to buy a sandwhich, drink and a bag of chips on a hot summer's day... gosh.